COVID-19 Update

FREEDOM: Iowa’s Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds announced all remaining COVID-19 emergency orders are rescinded. “The flu and other infectious illnesses are part of our everyday lives, and coronavirus can be managed similarly.”

Denver’s mayor announced the end of indoor mask and proof-of-vaccination requirements.

Eleven countries have likewise ended COVID restrictions, including Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the UK.

Israel is abolishing their vaxxx passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms and theaters. Proof-of-vaccination policy will remain in effect for events such as parties or weddings.

Sweden has decided against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-11, saying the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

MEDIA: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, Associated Press, New York Times, USA Today, Axios, and Politico were all among the “real news” outlets that had ::crickets:: to say about the Johns Hopkins report.

NATURAL IMMUNITY: They keep checking the earliest people who recovered, so we now know that natural immunity lasts at least 20 months post-infection. Given that people who recovered from COV-SARS-1 are still immune, it’s very likely natural immunity to COVID-SARS-2 will be equally durable.

VAXXX: This 33-year-old husband and father was perfectly healthy until he got the Pfizer jab. Now he’s dead, his wife is a widow, and that precious child will grow up without a dad. His doctors agree it was the vaxxx that caused the autoimmune response that killed him.

VIRGINIA: Nazi Democrats are out celebrating maskless, because some schmuck judge has issued a temporary injunction against Gov. Youngkins executive order banning universal masking in public schools. This is an actual line from the decision: “A rule allowing parents to choose whether to mask their children would create irreparable harm in these school communities.”

VITAMIN D: A peer-reviewed study out of Israel has demonstrated that people who were vitamin D deficient at the time they contracted COVID-19 were 14 times more likely to become severely ill and/ or die than were people who had sufficient vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is cheap and readily available. There is ZERO reason not to be supplementing!


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3 responses to “COVID-19 Update

  1. What we have long referred to as “cold and flu season” has always corresponded with the time of year when people are getting the least sunshine, which naturally leads to vitamin D deficiency. Think there might be a connection?

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Also the time when people are indoors together, which is where viruses spread most effectively. So winter in the north and summer in the south. What a coinkidink!

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      • The fact that Florida, despite its relatively large elderly population, has had lower mortality from Covid than many other states surely has something to do with its being the Sunshine State. Of course, having a governor who isn’t a schmuck helps, too.

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