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AVENATTI: [4:54] – CNN’s week just keeps getting worse. And by worse, I mean better for America. Remeber when CNN just lurved Stormy Daniels’ lawyer cuz he was making Donald “PRACTICALLY HITLER” Trump look bad? Well, on Friday, a jury found the attorney-turned-criminal guilty of stealing $300,000 in book-advance money from Daniels. With this and his prior convictions for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, he now faces up to 22 years in prison.

BORDER:There’s no end to how much damage the Biden administration seeks to do.” [5:44] – CLICK [2:32] to hear Newsmax Border Correspondent Jaeson Jones interview a Texas National Guard about human trafficking.

BOYCOTT GOFUNDME: On Friday, the crowdfunding website terminated the mammoth $10 million fundraiser for the Canadian truckers protesting against the vaccine mandate. Two years ago, they had no problem helping to fund the Marxists occupying Seattle.

CANADA: Odd that Justin doesn’t like Occupy Ottawa, seeing as how it is just like all those protests he attended and admired. Maybe he misses the violence and burning of buildings. [1:56] – CLICK [4:19] to hear clips of Justin Trudeau and Candice Bergen analyzed by a body language expert.

CNN: CLICK [3:03] to hear Not the Bee explain to reality to the Dumbest Man in Television.

DILLON’S BOOK: While visiting the library with his grandmother, Dillon slipped his hand-made, 81-page book on to a children’s book shelf without anyone seeing him do it. When his mom found out, they returned only to find the branch manager Alex Hartman and a few coworkers had not only read the book, but decided it met the library’s selection criteria. With Dillon’s parents permission, it was formally added it to the library’s collection. Now there’s a 55-person wait list to check it out.

GENOCIDE GAMES: PoliNation will not be covering the sporting events currently being hosted by the brutal ChiCom regime.

RED SEA MOMENTS: [24:09] – Dallas Jenkins talks about God’s hand in the making of The Chosen Season 2. Make time for this one!

TRUCKERS: I saw this posted on Facebook – “If you do not support the truckers, IT’S OKAY because: If mandates get lifted I would like to remind you…. you can still stay home. No one will rip the mask off your face, no one will force you to dine in at a restaurant, you can drop your children off at their leisure activity and wait in your car, you can still say no to family gatherings and events, you can choose to get whatever \/ you want, you can live within your 4 walls and NO ONE will stop you. We will not judge you for your choice – we will just be glad you have one. That is the point of FREEDOM of choice! You might be comfortable where you are … but we are very comfortable moving on with our lives. Sincerely, A member of the small fringe minority with unacceptable views

VFAUXTUS: [6:17] – She’s been in office for only one year, but has now had eight high-ranking members of her staff quit. It’s almost like she’s an awful person to work for.

VIRGINIA: The Virginia state legislature’s Black Caucus has blackballed the only Republican legislator of color. Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears tweeted, “We’re trying to start a new caucus. Name suggestions? The You’re Not Black Enough Caucus? The No More Division Caucus? The Welcome Caucus? The Let’s Do Away With Caucuses Caucus? The FRIEND Caucus? The We Shall Overcome Caucus? The I Can’t Believe They Didn’t Accept Me Caucus? The Watch the Trolls Come Out Caucus? The Tear Down This Wall Caucus? The Becky With The Good Hair Caucus?

Jay Kansara responded, “The Content of Character Caucus.” Yep. That’ll do.

GRAMMY NOTES: [42:17] – I am loving this show! The part about teaching Jett to stay in bed reminded me of a day when I was Skyping with my middle daughter. Her son got up from his nap and tried to creep in to eavesdrop. My dd caught him at it and said, in her I Mean Business voice, “Get your butt back into bed, mister!” Boy, did he scurry! And I laughed and laughed. She sounded just like me giving her my I Mean Business voice lo these many years ago! LOL

CLICK [:33]. WARNING: Do not attempt to eat or drink while watching this Jordan Peterson impression!


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  1. I can’t wait to read the rest of “The Killer Forest.” Let us know when it’s published!

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  2. Dallas Jenkins talks about God’s hand in the making of The Chosen Season 2.

    Have not yet started The Chosen. Heard good things about it, but remain wary, as I am of most depictions of the carpenter, and of Biblical times. Wimpy simpering hippie Jesus, or alternately whispering and shouting, like a demented usurper pResident, doesn’t work so well for me.

    I did run across “The Living Christ Series” (1951). I can be more forgiving of obvious accents and modernisms in an old show like this. We’ve watched the first three of twelve episodes (~1/2 hour each), and I’m impressed by the sets, costuming, characters and dialog. The actor for Jesus is rightly rugged, looking much like that famous painting (which? you know, that one). We’ve only got as far as his baptism. But, the birth and early years are kind of easy to relate. We’ll see now how well they do on the portrayal of Jesus in his public ministry.

    On IMDb:

    On YouTube:

    The films have their glitches, brief cuts and other problems, but watchable. Oddly, they’re all in 480 resolution, except the last episode is only in 360. No worse than TV in 1951, though. 😀

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    • I watched “The Chosen,” not expecting much, having been disappointed with most cinematic portrayals of Jesus that I’d seen in the past. It was better than I expected it to be. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the actors and actresses had just spoken their lines normally instead of affecting a pseudo-middle eastern accent. Trying to speak English the way you suppose that people of that time and place would have spoken English if English had existed does not lend verisimilitude — in fact it accomplishes nothing other than make the dialog more difficult to understand (and there are no subtitles). A couple of the actors (the guy playing Nicodemus, IIRC, and one of the Roman bigwigs whose name I can’t recall) refrained from affecting any accent at all and just spoke the way they normally would, and I wondered why the director didn’t tell everyone else to drop the phony accents and talk normally too.

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        It’s funny, but I actually prefer the accents. And the DVDs do have English subtitles. My only gripe is having to wait a year for each season to get put on to DVD. But we don’t have a comfy living room set up for streaming movies and neither of us wants to spend our leisure time sitting at our desks.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dallas Jenkins is a devout Evangelical; Jonathan Roumie is a devout Catholic. They and the whole Chosen team are deeply committed to pleasing God first and foremost, so at the worst, I’d say you would not be disappointed or annoyed. At the most, I’d hope you would be uplifted and inspired.

      The Chosen brings the Bible stories to life with depth and richness and humor. There is nary a wimpy hippie nor demented preacher to be seen. I promise! As for accents, they went with the “English as a second language” thing, which is my preference.