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2A: Democrats caused the crime wave because they want to disarm the populace.

CANADA: “Eye of Sauron” LOL [2:19] – Re: horns – I agree with his sentiments, but not with horns at night. The author of the article posted below (Freedom Convoy 2022) says the horns stop at 6 pm and I think it’s for the best. The people they are protesting work in the government buildings; they aren’t there at night. But the truckers and the people who live in these neighborhoods all need to sleep.

Alberta and Saskatchewan are removing mandates. Of course, they’re saying it’s because they’ve reached some milestone of vaxxxing or that cases have dropped … but we all know they would’ve just kept on keeping on if the truckers hadn’t put the pedal to the metal. Sadly, Trudeau is still being a butthead.
CLICK [2:20] to hear Trudeau project his own evil on to his own citizens.

CNN: CLICK [2:18] for a supercut of why nobody should ever trust CNN ever.

ELITISM ON DISPLAY: Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who has never conceded that she lost the Georgia governor’s race, posed for this photo of her elitist Democrat self parading her right to go maskless while young children are forced to breathe their own CO2 all day, every day. The school principal, who apparently is a moron, posted the photo, then deleted her account when it got flamed.

FREEDOM CONVOY 2022: This has to be the most polite and peaceful protest of this size and duration EVER. [4:15] – CLICK the link to access the MUST READ first person account of the event from a man who lives in the middle of it and, unlike his cowardly gummint leader, walked among the “untouchables” and talked with them. His final paragraph says, “Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.

GIVESENDGO: After GoFundMe canceled the convoy fundraiser, GiveSendGo started one. Donations came in so quickly, raising a massive $1 million in just hours, that the site crashed for a time. CLICK the first link to donate money or post a prayer for the truckers.

CLICK [9:40] to hear Get Real Dan report on the ongoing protest. I hope he’s right that Trudeau will cave, but I’m certain that, if he does, he’ll spout some b.s. about case and vaxxx rates.

NOW I AM CANADIAN: CLICK [9:02] to hear interviews with a Romanian trucker. This is a good one!

THE TABLE: Nathan Savoy and Dylan Gordon have been manning a set of tables and water boilers outside the Canadian Parliament Building since the occupation began. The two college students provide food, drinks, clothes, and more to whoever wants it … truckers, their supporters, homeless people, neighbors whose jobs have been hurt by the protest, whoever asks.

Anyone who is hungry is being fed. We’ve had people filling up backpacks who need it and keeping people fueled up and fighting for freedom. We’re going to be out here as long as it takes.” – Nathan

Honestly, it feels like it’s coming out of nowhere. Every morning, when we’ve been showing up the last five days, there’s been more and more food just showing up at our table, even when there’s no one even behind it.” – Dylan

WITNESS: [13:40] – Jonathan Roumie tells about his most profound experience with a fan. You’ll need a tissue.

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