ADAMS: NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) has vowed to “follow the science” and keep mask mandates in the city’s public schools, even after a New York Supreme Court judge struck down Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) mandate as “unconstitutional.”

On Sunday, he toured city restaurants, appearing mask-less in several different places, both outdoors and indoors.

AOC: CLICK [:15] to see the masked peon who had to carry Her Elite-ness’ train.

BHO: He was recently photographed bare-faced at the site of his new Hawaiian mansion, consulting, bare-faced, with masked construction workers.

BIRX: Right before Thanksgiving 2020, Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus response, warned Americans to stay home and limit holiday celebrations to “your immediate household.” The day after Thanksgiving, she and her husband traveled to a vacation property in Delaware where they were joined by a daughter, her husband, and their two children.

BOWMAN: On Feb 2, 2022, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY-16) tweeted, “Even though daily COVID-19 cases are decreasing, we must stay vigilant. Make sure to mask up, stay safe, and get boosted. We must protect our elderly and immunocompromised community members.” On Feb. 5, he posed maskless for a photo at the Westchester Jewish Council Gala.

HOCHUL: New York’s Democratic governor has imposed a universal mask mandate that even goes down to covering 2-year-old faces in day care. She herself follows no such rule.

ILLINOIS: In Illinois, a judge has ruled that the Democrats’ order for all students to mask is null and void. Following the ruling, many schools immediately dropped their mandates; however, the Catholic Dioceses of Chicago and Joliet announced their students would continue to be forcibly masked, supposedly because the judge isn’t a health care professional.

MEDIA: Whenever we point out some ridiculous or hypocritical or heinous Democrat act, the Slime Stream Media ignores the absurdity, hypocrisy, or deceitfulness of the act itself and reports that Republicans have POUNCED or SEIZED on the issue for political gain. They do it Every Single Time.

NEWSOM: While lecturing the unwashed masses that they were not allowed to eat in restaurants of gather with members of other families, Democrat Gov. Newsom, Ruler of All of California (May He Live Forever), attended a swanky, crowded, and maskless dinner party with at least two high-level members of the California Medical Association.

SLOTKIN: Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-8] apparently missed the blowback from Stacey Abrams nekkid face with masked school children tweet.

VIRGINIA: CLICK [4:37] to see a report about a mom who was told to her face that the school district couldn’t unmask kids, because the Democrat then-governor’s mandate “tied their hands.” But then, as soon as the new Republican governor removed the mandate, that same school district said he had no authority over them.

A judge has issued a temporary injunction blocking the no more mask order, supposedly because allowing parents to decide if their kids wear masks would endanger the community. The pro-mask Loudoun County Public Schools are thrilled that the judge is supposedly protecting public health.

WHITE HOUSE: On Jan. 31, 2022, FAUXTUS and VFAUXTUS went bare-faced, while their gubernatorial guests were forced to mask.


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  1. freedom1781

    I live in a very conservative county in VA. My family was so excited about Youngkin’s executive order regarding the school mask mandate. The school board decided to do away with the in-school masking mandate for kids but kept it for bus riders. My daughter took her mask off the first day but the majority of the students still wore theirs. To this day, she’s one of the few maskless kids at her high school which has over 1,000 students.

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