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ALBERTA: On Tuesday night, Premier Jason Kenney announced all vaxxx and mask mandates in the province are canceled. Naturally, he denied that any of it had to do with “a few trucks parked at the Coutts border crossing.” Pblt. It was more than a few, pal. They totally blocked the crossing for eleven days … right up until you caved!

CALGARY: CLICK [2:35] to watch a stirring video made by a Canadian police officer who says, “It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizens’ fundamental Charter rights.”

DEFAMATION: Sarah Palin’s case against The New York Times suddenly looks winnable. On Friday, her attorney presented emails by members of the editorial board in which they heard and chose to ignore the advice of their own fact checker.

FAUXTUS: Hmmm … could be why Dems are taking their COVID jackboots off our necks!

IRAN: The Taliban’s failure to criminalize so-called “honor” killings has led to a catastrophic rise in victims. A shocking video hit the internet showing a young man walking through town, with a big grin on his face, a bloody machete in his right hand and his 17-year-old wife’s head in the other. The girl in the photo had been forced to marry her brute of a cousin when she was just 12 years old. The husband was reportedly aided by his brother. They have allegedly been arrested with police saying the motive for the murder was “family differences.” It’s unclear what, if any, punishment will be meted out in this country where women are officially the property of their closest male relative.

JACKBOOTS: Congressman Troy Nehls reports, “On November 20th, 2021, Capitol Police entered my office without my knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products protected by the Speech and Debate clause enshrined in the Constitution, Article 1 Section 6.

Two days later on Monday November 22, 2021 (Thanksgiving week), three intelligence officers attempted to enter my office while the House was in recess.

Upon discovering a member of my staff, special agents dressed like construction workers began to question him as to the contents of a photograph taken illegally two days earlier. @CapitolPolice never informed myself or senior-level staff of their investigation, and the reasons are clear.

They had no authority to photograph my office, let alone investigate myself or members of my staff. So, why is the Capitol Police Leadership maliciously investigating me in an attempt to destroy me and my character?

Maybe it is because I have been a vocal critic of  @SpeakerPelosi, the @January6thCmte, and @CapitolPolice leadership about their handling of January 6th, the death of Ashli Babbitt, and the subsequent SHAM investigation.”

LYING: “The gravity of a lie is measured against the nature of the truth it deforms, the circumstances, the intentions of the one who lies, and the harm suffered by its victims. If a lie in itself only constitutes a venial sin, it becomes mortal when it does grave injury to the virtues of justice and charity.” – The Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2484

NYC: Hundreds of New York City employees — including teachers, police, firefighters, and various trade unions — marched across Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall to protest the imminent firing of approximately 4,000 city workers who have refused the vaxxx.

CLICK [1:21] to see vaxxxed city workers tear up their vaccination passports at City Hall to show solidarity with their unvaxxxed colleagues.

OTTAWA GAS: [:30] – The Ottawa police told everybody not to give the truckers any fuel. Yeah, that worked. NOT. CLICK [2:04] for Feb 9 update on the Jerry Can Army.

OTTAWA JUDGE: [3:48] – A judge ordered the Ottaway police to return all the fuel they’d stolen. They returned the jerry cans, but all the fuel is contaminated and worse than useless.

OTTAWA PARENTS: [9:52] – The Ottawa police are now threatening to sic Child Protective Services on truckers.

OTTAWA TRASH: [1:41] – Ottawa public works isn’t maintaining anything and the police are actively trying to block the truckers from doing it for them.

SOLAR: CLICK [1:13] to hear Biden’s idiot Energy Sec assure us that solar panels will bring about world peace. Best comment on this video is by “maparadis” – “As an engineer and a nerd I find myself doing the math that these idiots are not. Solar and wind are not clean. The mining required for the solar panel materials and batteries are horrendous. We can drill for oil, but let’s tear the earth for silver and lithium. Some will argue that hydro floods acres and acres. Yes but it creates habitat for fisheries, and animals and recreation. Solar covers the land in black and the area is not exactly useable. Wind mills are starting to form turbine blade graveyards as the composite material is not recoverable. And the last things these elitists don’t understand is the cost to the average person.

UK: I’m totally disgusted to learn that the General Medical Council (GMC), which regulates U.K. doctors, has banned progesterone treatment for women who have taken an abortion pill, then changed their minds. A Catholic physician is taking the GMC to court. Pray he and the unborn win this one!

VIRGINIA: CLICK [:49] to see Frederick County school board members served with subpoenas for having ignored Gov. Youngkin’s “parents decide” mask order. “You broke the law and now we’re coming after you guys,” said one angry parent.

GRAMMY NOTES: Lately, I’ve been struggling a lot with not just sadness, but also bitterness over old hurts. I prayed every day for God to lift the burden of these feelings and then, one day, he positively bombarded me with the same message, over and over and over. “Praise and thank me, because I am good.” I’ve learned this before, but clearly needed a refresher course! We don’t have to feel these things to do them. We just have to do them. The fact is that God is good, all the time, so there is always something to praise and thank Him for.


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  1. Regarding “Grammy Notes”
    Many of us, and I too, are dealing with more sadness, struggling to forgive, and worry. I had a 90+ neighbor come to my door to remind me, “You know, it is good to praise the Lord.” Thanks again for the reminder.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      TY. My first lesson in this came from a pastor who was depressed and angry about his teen daughter losing her leg to cancer. His mentor told him to praise God. He said, “I don’t feel like it!” Mentor, “Do it anyway. Even if you are depressed and angry, especially at Him, the fact is that He is GOOD. All the time.” It’s the first time I really understood what “count your blessings” means.