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AMBASSADOR BRIDGE: [1:54] – Truckers have shut down traffic between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. [Reminder: I compose my Bits & Bytes the day before I post them, so with any rapidly developing story like this, I may be 24 hours behind the times.]

CANADA: [4:38] – Big Trudy isn’t doing so well. And word is that Ottawa cops are revolting against being forced to violate the truckers’ rights as well. A source inside the PD says one of the staff sergeants has resigned and an unusually high rates of uniformed officers are taking stress leave, vacation days, and sick days.

This couple made the effort to meet with the truckers: CLICK [1:31]. Beautiful!

Meanwhile, rather than meet with the truckers, the Canadian government is spending tax dollars booking up hotel rooms in Ottawa so truckers can’t stay in them. CLICK [:15].

From Twitter: “Canadian Trucker on the radio explaining why truckers have been cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors of business that stay open for them: ‘we’re not here to punish Ottawa; we’re here to punish Parliament.’”

CHENEY: Cheney, who hasn’t been to any in-person state Republican event since 2020, blew off their biggest fund-raiser so she could schmooze with jerknalists. Claiming the leadership of her state’s party has “abandoned the Constitution,” she said, “I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies.” The Republican National Committee (RNC) doesn’t like her either, having recently voted to censure her for her participation in the “Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens” that is the J6 committee.

CHICAGO CATHOLICS: Oy vey! The Archdiocese placed a Catholic school principal on administrative leave for telling students students he was ending the school’s mask mandate. More than 100 parents showed up at a rally to protest the move.

COVID-19: Two recent studies suggest that disulfiram (aka, Antabuse) may protect seriously ill ‘rona patients from lethal lung injuries.

CRACK PIPES: Snopes rated as “Mostly False” a story reported “breathlessly” by “right leaning outlets” that the Biden administration planned to distribute crack pipes to addicts. After blowback from the revelation led to the Biden administration issuing a statement saying they were no longer going to distribute crack pipes to addicts, Snopes changed its rating to “Outdated.”

HORROR STORIES: I only read two and had to stop.

J6: Another story I can’t bear.

LGB TYT: CLICK [15:56] to hear Tucker report on the sudden reversal of the jackboots who have been running rampant for the past two years. CLICK [1:05] to hear Trudeau explain how he feels our pain, but we need to just suck it up, because “mandates are the way to avoid further restriction.

MANDATES: When Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin lifted Virginia’s school mask mandate last month, liberal pundits slammed the decision. Now that Democrats are following suit, repealing mask mandates is “driven by science” and a sign the country is “trying to get back to normal.” CLICK [1:33]

MASKS: Diapering the faces of small children who are at near-zero risk from COVID-19 is having real world consequences. The speech therapist in the graphic also noted the kids she’s seeing suffer from the “types of articulation errors … usually seen with children who have neurological impairments or syndromes with associated speech and language impairments. I’ve never had so many referrals in my life for young healthy children with such severe articulation impairments.”

MASSACHUSETTS: In response to a lawsuit filed by parents, Wellesley Public Schools has agreed to never hold another racially segregated event. The parents’ group leader said, “We have spent decades teaching our kids that racial segregation was and will always be wrong. We will not tolerate a return to segregation in 2022.

OTTAWA: On Wednesday night, the cops who haven’t quit or called in sick confiscated firewood from the Freedom Convoy. They claim to be all over concerned about the safety and comfort of the truckers’ kids, while stealing their cooking and heating fuel.

ROGAN: On Monday, Trump said, “Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the Fake News and Radical Left maniacs and lunatics. How many ways can you say you’re sorry? Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened. That’s not you and it never will be.

SAN FRANSICKO: CLICK [2:20] to hear an interview with a man who moved from Texas to SF, because they pay him to be homeless and the cops don’t stop him from selling drugs.

SO NOT FUNNY: CLICK [:41] to see the incident. The audience laughed at first, thinking her faint was part of her routine.

TERRORISM: Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about a “heightened extremism threat … including an online environment filled with … false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions.

Apparently, they’re more worried about Joe Rogan talking about ivermectin than they are about jihadists calling for violence. CLICK [3:59] to hear an OANN report about the Rogan issue. Malone’s point about money rings true; Pfizer reports tens of billions of dollars in COVID sales over the past year.

VIRGINIA: On Tuesday, somebody leaked emails showing a security official in Loudoun County, Virginia, coaching principals on how to obtain arrest warrants against students who try to enter schools maskless. Previously, Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler had claimed there was no effort underway to pursue legal action against students. But Ziegler is the same person who flat out lied that there had been zero sexual assaults in any of the schools’ trans-friendly bathrooms.

On Tuesday evening, parents and dozens of suspended students attempted to serve affidavits to Loudoun County School Board members, demanding they stop all mask mandates. One parent said, “We’ve tried to talk to them, they will not listen.” The cowards also would not be served. The school board chair told the students to give the documents to the staff instead of to school board members and the Superintendent left altogether. After an hour, the Chief Operations Officer accepted the documents but refused to sign a receipt.

CLICK [1:17] to see video. Check out the utterly absurd plexi dividers and masks on the school board members. I’ll bet you anything that these elitist frauds do whatever they please when they think the cameras are off.

WAR ON WOMEN: In Pakistan, some Muslim schmuck told his wife if she had another girl, he’d divorce her. Desperate to have a son, she went to a “faith healer” … who pounded a 2 inch nail into her skull. Her unborn baby is still a girl.

GRAMMY NOTES: My also preggers gf and I got very giggly over the Baby Name book, making up “What mean kids would do with this name?” for various entries. When we got to Iphigenia, I said, “If a vagina” and my gf just about fell off the couch.


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  1. Rich Terrell

    As for a pretty name if you didn’t know its meaning, I’ll add Debris.

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  2. You’ve got “the J5 committee” up there in the Cheny part, chrissy. (gnit picky me)
    “truckers have been cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors of business that stay open for them” and shoveling snow and picking up trash that the city has been neglecting. Remember when all those “protesters” were doing that, last year? I don’t.
    You neglected to mention the punch line on that gal fainting on stage. She had just declared, “Clearly, Jesus loves me the most. Seriously! So nice! So… nice…” CRASH!

    Is it still stand-up if you fall down?

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      TY, my loyal and eagle-eyed reader. 🙂

      “Jesus loves me most” Ohhhhh is that what she said. Not the Bee had mentioned she probably shouldn’t have said that Jesus part, but I reran it but still couldn’t hear. Thank you, Mr. Eagle Ears. 🙂

      Stand up: Pretty sure intentional falls would have made it “slapstick”, but this one is more in the “karma” wheelhouse.

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