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CANADA: The Canadian government closed their border as part of their COVID mitigation effort. So why is having truckers close their border now a “national security threat”?

CLICK [2:16] to see video the screenshot came from.

Manitoba province has announced its plans to end all COVID-19 restrictions. This makes three!

CLICK [:16] to see the people Trudeau calls “insurrectionists.”

DEFIANCE: [4:03, 6:38] – Apparently, the cops aren’t jumping up to enforce Trudeau’s threats.

FALSE IMPRISONMENT: [:41] – CLICK [:13] and [:06] to see videos of two kids who were illegally locked up in Elgin, IL, public schools for not wearing a mask. While other governors are dropping all mandates, Illinois’ Gov. Pritzer is using Omicron as a reason to keep all mandates in place.

FRANCE: Because ‘rona mandates are all about keeping people safe, police used tear gas on citizens peacefully protesting for them to end.

GENDER: A French court has ruled that a a biological male “identifying” as a transgender woman has a legal right to be identified as the “mother” of his child.

HERO: A Maryland police officer, seeing that an approaching car was not going to stop, pushed a student out of the way and was herself hit by the car. She’s received a citation for her bravery. The driver has gotten a different kind of citation. Video of the incident is embedded at the link.

JACKBOOTS: Rep. Ashley Hinson’s (R-IA) Unmask Our Kids Act (HR 6619) would “prohibit the Secretary of Education from providing Federal funds to a local educational agency unless in-person instruction is available to all students and parents may opt out of student mask mandates.”

Even as Democrats across the country abandon forced masking as a political liability, 221 Pelosi Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted NO. There are currently 222 voting Democrats in the House. I was unable to find a roll call of the vote.

As a mom, I know why parents across the country are standing up and speaking out when they are being told they can’t decide what is right for their kids and family. And it is infuriating to watch the same people who push for kids to wear masks all day long flout the rules for a photo-op or for a night on the town. Meanwhile, kids are sitting at home instead of going to school and interacting with their friends in a normal setting.” – Rep. Hinson

JOURNALISM: Tucker talks about the Canadian truckers. [17:14]

MANDATES ARE ILLEGAL: The people have a right and a duty to resist. [10:40] – “When you come for our children, you have declared war. … To hell with Fauci.

NEVADA: On Thursday, Democrat Governor Sisolak joined the Democrat rush to end mandates. “Students and parents have been clamoring for this for a long time. Our businesses have been asking for this. I think this is the appropriate time,” he said in a video announcement. By “appropriate time,” he means “the natives are restless and the midterms are coming.”

NUKES: In the video, body language experts analyzes Sam Brinton’s story and shows where he was being deceptive and where he was being truthful. [15:20] – Why should we care if Brinton is a liar? Partly because, as an LGBTQ+ activist, he campaigns to make it impossible for people who have unwanted same-sex attraction to get therapy. He claims to be a “survivor of a traumatic and torturous conversion therapy experience,” which the body language experts say is a load of crap.

The reason it matters right now is that the Fauxtus administration has hired Brinton to the post of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Sam Brinton is also a Catholic-bashing drag queen known as “Sister Ray Dee O’Active,” the self-described “slutty one” in the D.C.-based drag queen group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” He identifies as “genderqueer” with they/them pronouns and enjoys having sex with animals and playing the ‘gay uncle’ in BDSM play.

In addition, he has reportedly worked for the Trevor Project, helping to groom vulnerable minors.

OMICRON: Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the head of the South African Medical Association who discovered the variant, says, “I was asked to refrain from such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I refused.” She describes the Omicron as “extremely mild”, referring to the WHO definition of mild as “patients can be treated at home and oxygen or hospitalization is not required.”

The progressively less dangerous, but more contagious variants of COVID-19 have followed the normal development of viruses.

PENNSYLVANIA: The “parents are terrorists” meme continues with parents being denied access to a school board meeting. One of the door monitors shoved and then threw a punch at one guy. Two videos of the incident are embedded at the link.

STELTER: CLICK [5:28] to hear Michael Knowles expose the sick projection of CNN’s Brian “Dumbest Man in Television” Stelter.

TEXAS: In August 2021, the last month before the state’s groundbreaking six-week abortion ban went into effect, 5,400 unborn babies were murdered in Texas abortuaries. In September, that number was 2,197.

TRUDO: CLICK [2:23] to hear Tucker talk about Adolf’s spiritual son.

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