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I had a friend who was happily married and trying for a baby. She went to have a suspected pregnancy confirmed, because it was cheaper than the OB. The minute it came back positive, they began the abortion hard sell. She said to them in slow, precise terms. “We WANT this baby.” They didn’t understand the concept. Because of the above, I decided to share the story below, which was published anonymously on Facebook.

I went into planned parenthood for a pregnancy confirmation. I was scared but that’s a little natural.

When my test came back positive, I had a whirlwind of emotions. However the “counselor” I spoke with after my test came back did not. She TOLD ME that “keeping this pregnancy would be a great mistake”, “it’s not that big of a deal” and “your best choice is to terminate the fetus”. Never asked what my thoughts or feelings were. With no knowledge about my financial situation, relationship or mental health. Just based off of the fact that I was young. I said “no thank you” and she replied with “do you really have a choice?”

I kindly stood up and replied with “thank you for your time” and left the office. While making my way back to my car through the hallway, I was getting laughed at or stared at by all personnel.

While asking the ladies at front desk to unlock the door so I could pay for my services and leave, she told me “you’re making a mistake!” With the most sour tone and nasty look on her face. Then proceeded to tell me I should go back and talk with the “counselor” I previously left about my options.

I politely declined and informed her that if she proceeded to lock me in the facility I was calling the police. Her eyes, growing as big as my disappointment. The door unlocked and I paid my balance and left.

Absolutely baffling.

Planned parenthood doesn’t care about your wants. They also are not pro choice. They are pro murder. They are pro arrogance. They are pro depression.


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