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CANADA: Police claim the woman trampled by police horses wasn’t injured. The woman says otherwise. [10:17] – After the incident, members of the mounted police messaged high fives to each other; one said the trampling was “awesome.” I actually feel sorry for these officers. If they don’t repent and give their lives to Jesus, they will find themselves in an eternity of hurt.

CLIMATE: CLICK [4:01] to hear how the Left is weaponizing weather to promote their Great Reset.

DIGITAL ID: CLICK [2:02] to hear British activist and radio presenter Maajid Nawaz explain how Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has infiltrated world governments to achieve the Great Reset.

Members of the WEF’s Forum of Young Global Leaders have included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, French President Emmanuel Macron, former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, among many others.

This has been a conspiracy theory until recently, but now they’re so confident that they’re talking about it openly. Read Revelation. It’s coming. Digital ID = The Mark of the Beast.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: As of 8:00 p.m. on February 16, the country’s 11 million residents are free from all ‘rona restrictions.

JACKBOOTS: A telling new poll shows that, while the majority of Americans disagree with Trudeau’s bullying of peaceful protesters, a majority of Democrats support his protest crackdown.

This support includes the “Defund the Police” crowd. While that should appear to be massively hypocritcal, I don’t think it is. I’ve been saying for ages that their move to hobble local law enforcement was designed to increase crime in order to increase fear in order to make Americans amenable to accepting federalization of law enforcement.

MASKS: CLICK [:30] to hear Bill Gates emit a face fart. Comments on the video: Gates should have a mask permanently affixed to his face. And it needs to be thick enough that no one can ever hear him speak.” “He isn’t wearing a mask, but he is wearing pants. What about that, Bill? Hmm?” “Gates needs to wear his pants on his face because he looks like a complete ass.” “The virus is 30X smaller than the KN95 mask is capable of filtering. As a comparison it’s like a chain link fence trying to stop a mosquito.”

NBC: Americans clearly weren’t very interested in the Genocide Olympics. NBC clocked an average of 12.2 million daily primetime viewers, 42% less than for the Winter Olympics in 2018.

PANTS ON FIRE: CLICK [1:15] to hear Fauxcahontas claim during a CNN interview that Elon Musk pays “zero” in taxes. According to Musk and ABC, he not only pays taxes, but holds the record for the most tax paid in one year.

As of 2022, Elizabeth Warren and her husband Bruce Mann are estimated to be worth $12 million. How exactly does a law professor and a senator accumulate that kind of wealth? How do they manage to afford a $3 million Victorian mansion in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an $800,000 condo in Washington, D.C.? How much tax do they pay?

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In 2015, Winnebago County, Illinois, fired a Catholic pediatric nurse for refusing to refer patients for contraceptives or abortions. I’m not sure why this mattered with a pediatric nurse. Plus she had worked for them for 18 years. She sued and the 17th Judicial Circuit Court ruled in her favor and ordered the county to pay $374,104.60 to her legal team from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

RINOS: An amendment that would have banned funding for FAUXTUS’ ‘rona vaxxx mandates failed because Sens. Lindsey Graham [SC-R], Richard Burr [NC-R], Jim Inhofe [OK-R], and Mitt Romney [UT-R] didn’t show up to vote.

TOLERANCE: Somebody from a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, abortuary illegally dumped a bag of grisly trash at a local pro-lifer’s house. The bag contained bloody instruments, documents showing patient names, remittance receipts from credit cards used to pay for abortions, and ultrasound images of babies inside their mothers’ wombs with the name of the abortion facility clearly printed at the top.

TRUDEAU: On Monday, the House of Commons approved Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act, voting 185 to 151 along party lines.

CLICK [:55] to hear Trudeau admit that he still needs these powers, even though there are no longer any active protests.

VERMONT: Montpelier, the state’s capital, and Winooski, which is located just outside of Burlington, will be allowing foreign nationals to vote in local elections, going so far as to provide ballots for them in their native languages. They’re even doing community outreach to get as many foreign nationals registered to vote as possible.


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