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CALIFORNICATION: CLICK [:32] to hear “Hannah” Tubbs (26) brag about the slap on the wrist he/she received after pleading guilty to molesting a 10-year-old girl.

CANADA: WATCH THIS [34:01] – In case you were wondering whether or not the End Times are near, listen to Tucker.

CATHOLIC: Anti-Catholicism was so prevalent in the founding era that, in some colonies and townships, Catholics were not allowed to hold public office. In addition, some colonial Protestants celebrated Pope Day on November 5, with drinking, carousing, shouting anti-Catholic slurs, and burning the pope in effigy! I had never heard of Pope Day before, likely because General George Washington put the kibosh on it way back in 1775. He issued a very stern order to his troops that they were not to observe the “ridiculous and childish custom of burning the effigy of the pope,” noting that, to insult the religion of the Catholic soldiers risking their lives under his command would be “monstrous.” In fact, he believed “it is our duty to address public thanks to these our Brethren.”

CRUSH DISSENT: Glenn Greenwald writes about how Trudeau’s response to the truckers is part of a broader plan to criminalize and crush dissent. Excerpt: “This last decade of history is crucial to understand the dissent-eliminating framework that has been constructed and implemented in the West. This framework has culminated, thus far, with the stunning multi-pronged attacks on Canadian truckers by the Trudeau government. But it has been a long time in the making, and it is inevitable that it will find still-more extreme expressions.”

FANG BANGER: CLICK [2:40] to hear Sen. Cruz speak multiple truths about how dangerous the world has become with FAUXTUS in the Oval. Please note that Eric Swalwell’s nutty “dunk” was tweeted from his official account.

FRANCE: [:53] – Check out the cops joining the protesters!

HEALTH: It’s important to understand how supplements work together. This article explains how magnesium and vitamins D and K2 interact. When I googled for an image to illustrate this blerb, I found a number of combo supplements containing these three, plus calcium.

I know that putting together a supplement plan can be bewildering and that your primary is likely not going to be much help. If you really care about making the best choices for your individual needs, I highly recommend you subscribe to Consumer Lab for as long as it takes to read through the articles that are relevant to you. For me, that was about 18 months, but I was researching not only for myself but for Dearest and the offspring.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Nearly 500 people were arrested in a statewide sting conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force working with more than 80 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and task forces from across the state.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook is so dumb. They actually banned as “hate speech” a post by Babylon Bee about transwoman Amy Schneider, who broke a winnings record on Jeopardy, earning more than any female contestant in the show’s history. BB said, “Experts say this proves once and for all that men really are smarter than women.”

UKRAINE: On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into regions of Ukraine on a “peacekeeping” mission. I’m thinking this is even less about peace than Trudeau’s troops were.

Kamala went to Ukraine on a peace mission that was predictably awful, so I’m not going to report on it. There are links below.

VIRGINIA: CLICK [3:35] to see a school board member go ballistic and demand the security officer physically remove a parent. He ambles up slowly, listened as another school board member said she had been insulted much worse and nobody cared, then ambled away without doing anything! LOL The snowflake school board apparently stomped out. One commenter asked, “Who gave school board members the power to order cops to remove people from public meetings because a board member didn’t like what was said?” Yeah. What about that? Another commenter said the snowflake “handled it just fine, for a 2 year old. For an adult, not so much.” LOL

CLICK [:11]. LOL!!


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