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CALIFORNIA: Fifth-grade girls who attended a three-night science trip organized by Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos, CA, were forced to share their cabin with biological men who requested to stay with the girls. The camp said, “Per California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with.” Parents say they are not accusing anyone of a crime, but they are angry the school district did not let parents know about the camp policy. One parent said that, if she had been aware of the camp’s policy, she would have kept her daughter home.

COVID-19: FAUXTUS announced that he is extending the U.S. national emergency that was supposed to expire on March 1, claiming the ‘rona is still posing a “risk to the public health and safety.” The evil power-mongers yearning for the New World Order just can’t let go of the pandemic that never was.

HILTON: Left is silent on trucker protest police brutality. [4:08]

KINDNESS: A shoe shop manager let a stray dog come inside his store during a storm. A customer asked if it wasn’t ugly for the establishment that a stray dog slept inside. The manager responded, “Ma’am, it would be ugly to leave the dog outside, for him to get wet and cold, it’s going to stay here until it stops raining.”

MEDIA: Legacy Media and Democrat Leadership Heads would be exploding.

PEOPLE’S CONVOY: The U.S. trucker protest against COVID-19 mandates is set to begin on Wednesday in California. Our cupboards, fridge and freezer are STUFFED in anticipation of shortages!

OMICRON: CLICK [1:52] to hear Bill Gates say, “Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine, as it creates both T Cell and B Bell immunity, and its done a better job… than we have with vaccines.” … What is SAD (actually aggravating as hell) is how he and his ‘vaccines only’ $$$ cronies SUPPRESSED inexpensive therapeutics that WORK while demanding we subject our bodies to experimental gene therapy that proved to be both dangerous and ineffective!!!

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m so So SO HAPPY!!!! After THREE MONTHS living in hotels, the Mascots have a REAL HOUSE!!! They’ve done their walk-through and signed the lease, so it’s definitely theirs. Moving day is TBA. They need to get their stored belongings trucked over and new washer and dryer delivered and hooked up. But oh my goodness … it’s PALATIAL … and not just because they’ve been living in hotel rooms. It really is YUGE. The photo is the living room with Buzz going into the kitchen/dining area that is so big, they’ve got room for a dining area and a dedicated home school area. Lots of natural light with bare floors downstairs (great for the dust allergies) and freshly cleaned carpets upstairs. Also, it’s on a side street with a load of forest out back, so very quiet with lots of birds for Mama to feed and watch. I’m about to cry with joy for Buzz, who needs to move … like a lot. The hotels have been very stressful for him. From the walk through photos, it looks like he made full use of every empty room AND there is a little play park just across the way!

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  1. “the Mascots have a REAL HOUSE!!!”

    Really nice-looking space.

    Gonna need two Roombas.

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