Democrat Letter

Daniel Payne at Not The Bee writes that the Democrat polling firm, Impact Research, has written this letter to “All Interested Parties” advising them to “Take the win over COVID-19.

Here are his CliffNotes of the contents:

Please stop acting like COVID is the bubonic plague and we’re all going to die from it. It’s not and we’re not. Stop pretending like it’s the worst disease in the history of the entire world. Stop wearing your mask outside, alone, while standing nineteen feet from everyone else. Just stop.

People are sick of your hysteria. They’re absolutely, relentlessly sick of it. Most people have learned how to live with COVID. Aside from a few truly unfortunate Karens and Chuckies in Democratic strongholds, the vast majority of the country is already back to something resembling normal life and has been for some time. Stop trying to keep the Spirit of March 2020 alive. Above all, stop shaming and demonizing people for living normal lives.

Stop pretending like we can “eradicate” COVID. That was always a fantasy—always, always, always. It could never be stopped. It’s a highly transmissible respiratory virus that was only discovered well after it had begun spreading throughout the global population. You were never going to be able to get rid of it. Move past your incredibly juvenile perception of epidemiology.

Stop scaring your constituents with threats of an endless, ceaseless pandemic nightmare. We know: You enjoy frightening your people with tales of “never going back to normal,” and “keeping these restrictions for a long, long time, maybe forever.” Oh, man, please stop that. People hate you for it. They’re sick of it and they’re not going to put up with it much longer.


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3 responses to “Democrat Letter

  1. red

    Dem politicos refer to their constituents as jackasses and sheep.

    In an aside, I was registered at age 18 to vote. In my 20s, I registered as Independent, then later, Repub. Now, 40 years later, I get begging letters from liberal politicians. In part, they do this to claim they have a wider base than they do.

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