UPDATES: The Ukrainian military reportedly blew up multiple bridges outside of the capital city of Kyiv to stop Russian troops from advancing.

An adviser to the Ukrainian presidential office said that Russian forces have captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Zelensky called this move “one of the most serious threats in Europe today” and a “declaration of war across Europe.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree ordering a general mobilization of the population to defend the state. The country is also prohibiting Ukrainian males aged 18–60 from leaving the country. Zelensky said 137 Ukrainians were killed and 316 were wounded in the early hours of Thursday. The United Nations confirmed that more than 100,000 people have been internally displaced in Ukraine.

2A: Occupy Democrats has suddenly decided that having an armed citizenry is a good thing. Their follow up tweets included, “BREAKING: A pizza shop owner in Kyiv is giving out free pizzas to any Ukrainian who shows that they have a gun to fight the Russian invaders with. RT IF YOU STAND WITH UKRAINE!” and “If you’re an American who supports the Kyiv pizza shop owner who is giving free food to any Ukrainian who shows they have a gun to fight the Russian invaders — please RT and follow our account for the latest breaking Ukraine news.”

CHICOMS: In the hours following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, nine Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ). The ADIZ isn’t airspace directly over the island nation, but in the immediately surrounding area.

The CCP claims that Taiwan, which has been self-governed since 1949, is a breakaway province. Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who has vowed to “reunify” Taiwan with the mainland, says he supports Putin’s efforts to “reunify” Ukraine with Mother Russia.

DIE: It’s SO CREEPY that the acronym for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity is DIE. It’s almost like SATAN invented it … oh wait.

FAUXTUS: At 9:33 pm on Feb. 24, 2022, The Democrats tweeted, “President Biden is bringing the world together against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. This is what leadership looks like.

CLICK [4:22] to see what “leadership” looked like on Feb. 23, 2022. On the 24th, when a reporter asked Biden point-blank if Russia would lob a nuclear bomb at America, he said he didn’t know, and then he smiled and laughed. Cuz, leadership.

JERKNALIST: When CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted about how good the invasion of Ukraine was going to be for his ratings, he got dragged. So, he blocked replies.

TUCKER: [12:00] – Joe Biden has overseen two of the worst foreign policy debacles in our nation’s history … in under a year.

TRUMP: CLICK [3:43] to hear then-President Trump warn NATO that European weakness and dependence on foreign oil would lead to Russian aggression.


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