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CATHOLIC: “One of the beautiful and consoling teachings of the Catholic Church is that each one of us has a Guardian Angel given to us by God to lead us on the path to salvation. … It is not only commendable, but also advisable, to invoke our Guardian Angels and learn how to recognize their promptings; however, … there is one particular persistent error among many Catholics when it comes to their Guardian Angels: trying to discover their name or identity, or assigning a name to them.” CLICK to read why.

DARWIN AWARD: Gregory Ryan Miedema was definitely swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. Late Tuesday, the registered sex offender set off a Florida Blue Alert when he shot a Florida deputy in the face. Then, having ensured that every cop in the state was on the hunt for his sorry self, he invaded a house flying a Trump flag where he was shot dead by the armed homeowner. I’m guessing he has since learned that, regardless of what he believed about the afterlife, Hell is very real.

ETHNIC ART: The graphic is a Korean painting of Jesus walking on the water to rescue Peter. It’s from a series at the ChurchPop link below. I’ve always been fascinated by how different cultures express their Christian faith. It may look wrong to our Western eyes, but the fact is that much of our traditional, Western depictions started out as adaptations of Roman art. E.g., the Good Shepherd, with which we are all familiar, was originally an adaptation of depictions of the Roman god, Mercury.

FACTS: CLICK [10:00] to hear Larry Elder talk about how shocked his PT was to learn some actual facts.

FLORIDA: The Democratic Governors Association just handed Gov. DeSantis another meme for his “Democrats are hypocrites” ad series.

GERMANY: German insurance data reveals approximately 4-5% of the vaccinated needed medical treatment for side effects, which is ten times the rate of adverse events that were reported to the German version of our VAERS. A board member reporting on the data suggested the underreporting is due to the fact that there is no remuneration for doing so, despite the fact that a single report takes about half an hour to file.

MEDJUGORJE: Our Lady’s message to Visionary Marija on February 25, 2022 [:59] – “Dear children! I am with you and we pray together. Help me with prayer, little children, that Satan may not prevail. His power of death, hatred and fear has visited the earth. Therefore, little children, return to God and to prayer, to fasting and renunciation, for all those who are downtrodden, poor and have no voice in this world without God. Little children, if you do not return to God and His Commandments, you do not have a future. That is why He sent me to you to guide you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

NEW ZEALAND: The country’s COVID-19 Public Health Response Act required all Defence Force personnel and all police constables, recruits, and authorized officers to receive two doses of the vaccine by March 1. A group who did not want the shots sought a judicial review, arguing that the mandate violatings their right to refuse a medical treatment and their right to manifest religious beliefs, both of which are protected by their Bill of Rights. The NZ High Court just ruled tough noogies.

PEOPLE’S CONVOY: On the second day en route to D.C., the trucker protest has grown to about 100 vehicles. They spent their second night on the road on the Navajo reservation, keeping warm by fires and eating food provided by the nation.

SLIMESTREAM: At 8:59 am, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin tweeted, “Looking forward to how Rs will intentionally mispronounce Brown Jackson’s first name.” At 2:00 pm, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted congratulations to “Ketaji Brown Jackson.” The nominee’s first name is Ketanji.

VAXXX: A new study of jabbed youngsters in the 12–20 age group found approximately one in a million suffered a serious hyper-inflammatory condition known as Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). It usually manifests two to six weeks after inoculation and is characterized by severe illness that requires hospitalization.

This “one in a million” thing sounds like one too many, especially when you add in all the other serious side effects they’re finding and the undeniable fact that COVID-19 poses zero serious threat to healthy young people.

GRAMMY NOTES: SQUEEE!!! Number Nine Grandchild arrived safely and FULL term yesterday. Weighing in at a robust 7# 12oz, he is bigger than his older brothers (both premies) were combined. Thank you all for your prayers!

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