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CATHOLIC: [3:23] – A few years ago, Putin visited Pope Francis and asked about fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima’s request that Russia be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mary, which has never been done in the form she specified.

Excerpt from 1929 message: “The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. So numerous are the souls which the justice of God condemns for sins committed against Me, that I come to ask for reparation. Sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.”

CBC: The tax-funded, Trudeau-lapdancing Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that consistently lied about the peaceful Ottawa trucker protest has now, in all seriousness, reported that liberal residents of Ottawa are suffering “phantom honking.”

COVID-19: On Friday, the CDC dramatically eased its mask guidelines in a way that suggests 72% of the U.S. population will no longer be required to wear them indoors. Most notably for me is that New York’s mask mandates will be gone tomorrow. Masks are also now optional in the D.C. Capitol building.

The changes in the CDC’s guidelines were not inspired by a change in COVID transmission, hospitalization, or death rates, but by a change in how the CDC counts these things. IOW, it was always all about politics, not about public health.

Iceland has decided that herd immunity is the way to go and dropped ALL COVID restrictions. Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, The Netherlands, and the UK have lifted some or most of their restrictions. Israel has abolished its vaxxx passport.

CPAC: CLICK [1:51] to hear a piece of Trump’s CPAC speech.

FAKE CHECK: Facebook reps brag that they save thousands of innocent people from enjoy a good joke every single day. “It’s our little way of making the world a better, safer place.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:25] to hear Dr. Joe explain why Americans aren’t happy about how much better he’s made things for us.

HISPANICS: The first 2022 primary election in the country will occur next week in Texas and early polling suggests that Hispanic voters, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, are supporting Republican candidates in border counties that have been predominantly controlled by Democrats for decades.

POISON: BinaxNow, BD Veritor, Flowflex, and Celltrion DiaTrust COVID-19 rapid antigen kits all contain sodium azide as a preservative agent. Sodium azide is a colorless, odorless powder that testers dip cotton swabs into. It is toxic. There’s no need to throw away the test kits, but people should be mindful when storing, using, and disposing of them.

TORTURE: [6:44] – CLICK [4:30] to see a woman who changed her position on abortion after watching the video above.

WD-40: There’s a saying, “If it isn’t moving, but it’s supposed to, apply WD-40. And if it is moving, but it’s not supposed to, apply duct tape.” These guys took it to heart. The clock in their UK church had been stuck at 12:02 for 12 years. Expert clock engineers estimated it would cost £40-50,000 to get it running again.

Cheesemaker Rick Haywood, 47, and student Jay Foley, 15, decided to have a go themselves. They opened up the clock mechanism and found some dead pigeons. After removing them, they gave it all a dousing with WD-40 and the clock works again.

GRAMMY NOTES: I did this 5×7 mama and baby brown thrasher with watercolor pencil on toned paper. After it is mounted and framed, it will go to our new grandson.

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