Ash Wednesday

ABORTION: Praise God! Senate Democrats failed to pass the misnamed “Women’s Health Protection Act” in a 46-48 vote Monday. The “abortion at any time and for any reason” bill needed 60 votes to break a GOP-led filibuster. CatholicVote compiled a list of how the Senate’s 25 Catholic members voted on the abortion bill.

COVID-19: CLICK [3:12] to hear Tucker report on how Forbes fired a columnist for reporting on Anthony Fauci’s finances. Taxpayers fork over $900,000 a year for him and his wife to shove their Great Reset mandates and puppy torture down our throats. And in our arms.

In other, more refreshing news, Saturday Night Live finally did a segment about how ‘rona skeptics might have had a point. CLICK [2:20].

CPAC: CLICK [9:21] to hear Sen. John Kennedy’s remarks. “Republicans are not perfect. But the other side is crazy.” “If the government ever tells you you can’t own a gun, buy two.” “Babies don’t choose to die. We need to protect those lives every single day.” He’s always worth a listen.

FAUXTUS: A new WaPo/ABC poll of registered voters showed Biden’s approval rating at a new low of 37%, with 49% saying they’ll support a GOP candidate in the midterm elections and 42% saying they’ll go for the Democratic candidate.

A new McLaughlin poll found a scant 23% of Democratic primary voters choosing Joe Biden for a second term, with Republicans leading 47% to 45% in a generic ballot for this November’s midterm elections.

GENDER: Texas is not messing around. According to Texas law, sex change procedures on minors are illegal and constitute child abuse. Last week, Gov. Abbott wrote a letter to the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services instructing the agency to investigate the parents of children who have been subjected to these procedures.

J6: I can’t even. :-(““““““ This guy walked through the Capitol building without harming anyone or anything. Compare that to the sentence of one year and one day that Devon Archer, a longtime associate of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, just got for defrauding a Native American tribe of tens of millions of dollars!

KHALEESI: CLICK [4:24] to see the rehabilitation of a bag of bones who couldn’t even stand up. Grab a tissue! [4:24]

mRNA: New research shows that, in a lab dish, the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech vaxxx penetrates the nucleus of human cells and becomes a part of them. This change occurred just six hours after exposure. I’ve read about this before, but only as a “what if” concern. This new research is the first I’m aware of that confirms the vaxxx can rewrite human DNA.

This may mean that the experimental gene therapy injections have the potential to permanently alter the genetic code of the people who receive it, causing them to potentially produce the ‘rona spike protein far into the future. This raises alarming autoimmune concerns, since the spike protein is also what the shots gear up the immune system to destroy!

“It’s your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You and only you control what happens to your body. Hold and protect medical freedom and let no one mandate any medical procedure of any kind.” – Dr. Peter A. McCullough, CPAC 2022

NEW WORLD ORDER: The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to convene member states to push for an internationally recognized vaxxx passport system.

STATES: DeSantis says none of his state’s National Guard members will be deployed to D.C. for Biden’s State of the Union.

California, Washington, and Oregon are lifting all mask mandates in schools after March 11.

The Wyoming Senate has reportedly voted to eliminate the University of Wyoming’s gender studies program.

TWITTER: After Twitter locked the account of Rep. Vicky Hartzler [R-MO] for tweeting, “Women’s Sports are for Women, not men pretending to be women”, Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, noted the Big Tech giant is “ramping up their election interference on behalf of the woke left.

UKRAINE: Father Mykhailo Kramar, pastor of San Nicolas Parish in Kyiv, offered Divine Liturgy in the shelters, so that no one was left without the presence of the Eucharistic Christ.

VAXXX: Researchers at the New York State Department of Health gathered December 2021 and January 2022 vaxxx effectiveness data on 852,384 minors aged 12 to 17 and on 365,502 children aged 5 to 11. The results were then compared to similar unvaxxxed populations.

They found that 28 to 34 days after receiving the second dose – about one month – the Pfizer/BioNTech vaxxx effectiveness in the younger age group dropped from 67 % to 11%. The effective jumped with the 12 and overs, who receive a bigger dose, suggesting the lower dose doesn’t work.

Children do not suffer much of a risk from the virus, with hospitalizations and deaths being essentially zero in any who do not have serious co-morbidities.

GRAMMY NOTES: [2:07] – I asked for advice about choosing individual watercolor paints, especially since I’m home bound, so can’t see real paint or talk to knowledgeable sales folks. One of the kind artists on the board suggested I invest in a Daniel Smith Dot Card Set. Oh my goodness … I thought it would just be pages with the colors printed on them, like you get at the paint store. But they’re actual blobs of paint you can try out! This is so cool!!

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