Democrats Suck

CHICAGO: After Mayor Lightfoot ordered a statue of Christopher Columbus be removed from Arrigo Park, the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans sought to get it returned. When the park district made a deal with the group to allow the statue to be displayed at the Columbus Day parade, Lightfoot canceled it.

The night after the parade, Lightfoot met on a video conference call with two park district attorneys – George Smyrniotis and Timothy King. According to a recently filed lawsuit, Lightfoot berated both of the attorneys and made derogatory remarks about Ron Onesti, president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans.

The lawsuit quotes Lightfoot saying, “You d–ks, what the f–k were you thinking?” She then went on to accuse King and Smyrniotis of making “some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your d–ks with the Italians seeing whose got the biggest d–k … I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot. My d–k is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d–k in Chicago.

Smyrniotis claims in the lawsuit that Lightfoot went on to defame him, making “rude, insulting, false, and disrespectful statements” that he “lacked an ability to perform his job duties,” asking, among other things: “Where did you go to law school? Did you even go to law school? Do you even have a law license?” He says that, as a result of her comments, he was forced to resign and “suffered lost income, a reduced pension, and … great emotional distress.”

CREEPY UNCLE JOE: Right after signing into a new law designed to help victims of sexual harassment and assault seek justice, Captain Sniff jumped over the greenery to meet Gretchen Carlson’s very attractive teen-aged children. I couldn’t find any photos of how their meeting went.

ENERGY: On March 1, the “American Independence from Russian Energy Act” was shot down in a 221–202 vote, almost entirely along partisan lines. The only cross over was Republican Matt Gaetz.

FAUXTUS’ Energy Secretary confirmed that they’re not interested at all in lowering gas prices. It’s all part of their plan to “transition” us away from fossil fuels.

CLICK the Twitchy link to read Drew Holden’s thread on the ridiculousness of the Left when it comes to energy independence and how absolutely ignorant Biden’s energy policy really is.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:26] to hear him say Ukrainians are hiding in subways from missiles being fired “indiscriminately into Russian cities.” During his SOTU address, he referred to Ukrainians as “Iranians.”

ILLINOIS: Yet another top state Dem may end up in the Big House. Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, once the second most powerful man in the state government, has been indicted by a grand jury. The Chicago Sun Times says, “The 106-page indictment appears to be the culmination of an aggressive, yearslong federal assault not just on old-school Chicago politics, but on some of Illinois’ most well-known political dynasties.”

MASKS: CLICK [:30] to hear an absolutely stunning display of libtard hypocrisy from my idiotic governor. She was obviously trying to dunk of Ron DeSantis telling a group of students to please take off their masks … “but you can keep them on if you want.

DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, replied to Hochul with a series of tweets: “Kids in NYC were forced to eat lunch outside on the ground in 30 degree weather because they couldn’t take their masks off in school. Is that not bullying, Governor Hochul?

Don’t worry, @GovKathyHochul — we will probably treat the forever maskers with more respect than you and your ilk showed toward us for the last 2 years.

Do you think Governor DeSantis won’t meet the Florida residency requirement to be re-elected, as long as he lives rent-free in your head?

Twitchy published some responses from others. My favorite is, “Oh I see. You’re victims now. Where were you when people were denying me entrance to public places? When they were talking about stripping me of access to healthcare and worse? Where were the admonitions then? Wear a mask forever for all I care, but you are no victims.” Also, “You masked toddlers. You are the bully.”

CLICK [1:11] to hear Gov. Ron get the last word on Tucker Carlson’s show.

ORWELLIAN: In big, big letters, Politifact labeled “Mostly False” a statement made by Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. Down in the article, it “explains” in less than clear terms that, in fact, what Bartiromo said was true of crude oil imports, while total oil imports from Russia apparently only increased by 28%. Under Trump, we were an energy exporter, but shut up.

SPOKESWEASEL: When asked why FAUXTUS didn’t mention our 13 servicemembers who were killed during the evacuation of Afghanistan, Jen Psaki said he didn’t “have the time.” Not surprising, given that he didn’t have the time to give them the respect and attention their sacrifices deserved while their bodies were being unloaded at Dover.

VFAUXTUS: Kamala got sent out to do damage control after FAUXTUS’ wretched SOTU performance. On “CBS Mornings”, Gayle King asked, “The new CBS poll found 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the Administration’s handling of inflation. What do you say to those people who say that gas prices are just too high, I can’t get peanut butter, everything costs more? What are you going to do?

CLICK [:42] to hear her answer, if you can stand listening to her gobbledygook. Basically, she says that the reason we have inflation is that the cost of living has gone up.

On NBC, she was asked if Biden will sanction Russia’s oil and gas industry. I’ll spare you the link to her word salad response, which was, “As it relates to what we need to do domestically as well as what we need to do in terms of this issue generally, we have, as the president said, reevaluated what we’re doing.

WISCONSIN: CLICK [:48] to hear the special counsel who investigated the November 2020 election in Wisconsin announce that the nearly $9 million in “election grants” that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg forked over violated a Wisconsin election bribery law.

He went on to say that the purpose of his report (linked below) is not to challenge certification of the Presidential election, though in Appendix II we do sketch how that might be done. Any decisions in that vein must be made by the elected representatives of the people, that is, the Wisconsin Legislature. Yet it is clear that Wisconsin election officials’ unlawful conduct in the 2020 Presidential election casts grave doubt on Wisconsin’s 2020 Presidential election certification.”

You can click one of the articles or read the report to see details of the disgusting way Democrat cheaters abused the elderly in nursing homes where 95% to 100% of residents cast ballots in the presidential election.


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  1. This is basically a Bits & Bytes part 2 for the day, right? 😀

    Speaking of Democrats suck, hope you’ll excuse my tootin’ my own horn. I uploaded a new video today, first time in over five years. Nothing earth-shattering, but I had fun. The re-learning curve was pretty hard, so vid editing took a while for a mere thirty-second bit.

    Kamala Explains Russia-Ukraine to Kids
    (The character at the beginning – in case you don’t recognize it – is the villain from the great movie Galaxy Quest.)
    On my website:
    On YouTube:

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Part 2 … I put B&B together, then let it steep overnight, check it and post in the morning, then start the next one. I compose in a word processing file and try not to go over 3 pages. When you see a second, special subject post from me, it almost always means tomorrow’s post got too long, so I looked through for some topic I can peel off. For 2 years, that topic has been COVID. But with the midterms coming, I guess the pandemic is over and we’re back to Democrats Sucking. 🙂

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL love your video! Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies. 🙂

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  2. red

    Sigh…How many times must I say it? You’re too, too polite to dems. when you think of them, imagine this creepy feeling as you walk by, as if they were calculating where to stick the knife. sigh….

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I can’t help but think about where they’re going to spend eternity if they don’t repent.

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      • red

        That’s why we pray for them. “Oh Lord, Your will is perfect, always, as You are perfect. Your will tells us that those who curse us You will curse (Gen. 12:3). I thank You, Lord, for cursing them (like it or not, we are to be thankful for His will). Make their curses a thorny wall around them that raps them and makes them helpless against You. In the Name of Lord Jesus, I bind them and cast them at your feet, Lord. You teach us it’s never Your will any perish (second death, cast into the lake of fire), that that all men come to repentance and be saved. I ask You to open their hearts to You, to open their eyes to see you, their minds to accept you. Make them a blessing in all the earth. I command all their ungodly protection, all demonic advisors, and all their ungodly wealth to be exposed and destroyed. In the Name of my King and my Lord Jesus, I lift up my hands in praise, Amen.

        This prayer has been said at pow wows and in our homes for years. The longer and more often it is said, the more they are exposed. Never pray against anyone, but against their activities. That is God’s will.

        Abortion is a curse on the nation. Taxes are a curse. Inflation is a curse. Ungodly leaders are a curse. It’s God’s will we break the causes of these things thru prayer and action. His peace be on you. May you shine for an eternity before Him.

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