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COVID-19: Pfizer and Merck will reap billions from FAUXTUS’ taxpayer-funded plan to prescribe and treat the ‘rona with drugs to which the FDA has given only Emergency Use Authorization. Even worse, patients will be able to get these drugs without consulting a physician. IOW, there will be no one to advise individuals about the risks these largely unproven drugs pose to them personally.

In other news, Florida has become the first state to legalize the off-label use of drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for early treatment. Also, CLICK [1:11] to enjoy DeSantis’ latest political ad.

For more fun, CLICK [:35] to hear unmasked libtard jerknalist, Jorge Ramos, complain about Ukrainian refugees presuming to flee to Poland with ::gasp:: bare nekked faces. Ukrainians fleeing to Canada must submit to a two week COVID quarantine.

FETAL SURGERY: In the spring of 2021, doctors found a rare tumor in unborn baby Rylan’s heart that was threatening his survival. A pediatric heart surgeon opened the uterus and removed the tumor from the baby’s beating heart before placing him back in the uterus. Rylan was born, healthy and near full term, ten weeks later.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self; there is no flowering of the soul to the beauty of its perfection except at the price of pain.” St. Padre Pio

LIFE: Good. If it deters or reforms any of them, they will find themselves eternally grateful.

In a survey of abortion doctors conducted by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics:

  • 69% said they aren’t respected in the medical community
  • 65% felt ostracized
  • 20% had been denied hospital privileges because they are abortionists, and
  • 64% said the non-abortion part of their practice has suffered due to their choice to commit abortions.

MILITARY: All Army personnel, from soldiers to commanders and supervisors, are required to participate in gender sensitivity training before Sept. 30, 2022. The graphic is one of the slides from the presentation. I am definitely not going to ask my kids how they feel about this, cuz they try hard not to use coarse language around me and I don’t want to make it harder for them.

PEOPLE’S CONVOY: Several trucker convoys met up in Monrovia, Indiana, and held a rally late on March 2 before continuing their trip to D.C. Also on March 2, a New England convoy kicked off the Northeast trek in Hermon, Maine.

UKRAINE: After heavy fighting, Russian forces seized control of Kherson, a key port city in southern Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia have agreed on humanitarian corridors for civilians and aid workers.

Bill Roggio analyzes Putin’s strategy and says the West’s perceptions are way off. Click the Daily Mail link below.

Wayne Allyn Root presents a compelling reason for what Putin is doing that nobody else is talking about. Click the Front Page Mag link below.

WALKING THE WALK: God inspired a San Antonio, Texas, couple to fly to Ukraine to adopt this 4-year-old boy who has been in an orphanage his whole life, because he was born with cerebral palsy.

And God made sure they all got back home, despite the boy being sick with pneumonia and flights being canceled due to the invasion of Russia. Grab a tissue and go read their story!

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