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AMERICANO: Americano, the first Spanish-language conservative network on satellite radio, just launched. Democrats and corporate media immediately expressed concern about the station spreading “misinformation” among voters. But Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, the founder of the new network, said that the Left is just afraid. “They’re scared. And they should be. Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media. There is an appetite for this.

CALIFORNICATION: Three San Diego pre-schools were raided simultaneously by regulators who isolated and interviewed children aged one to four about mask wearing. Parents are understandably furious, especially given that the owners of the three schools had always been open about their no-mask policy.

They figured the kids would not be allowed to wear masks while they were sleeping or eating, so would give each other COVID-19 no matter what. Add on that masks are bad for the development of such young children and they decided there would be no masks in their school.

After 19 months of having no-masks without an incident, the school was forced to mask to avoid being shut down. Thankfully the mask policy expires on March 11.

CANADA: Tamara Lich, one of the key organizers of the Freedom Convoy, has been granted bail by an Ontario court. When she was arrested on Feb. 22, a judge said she was too much of a risk to public safety to be allowed to roam the streets. Her lawyer filed a bail review and the new judge granted bail. He said the first judge had been too subjective.

ENERGY: Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said we could avoid high gas prices if we would drive electric vehicles. Elitist Mayor Pete, whose income is in the high six and low seven figures, is just a titch out of touch with reality.

To start with, there’s the gigantic difference in the average cost of buying and maintaining the two types of vehicles. A recent article at (linked below) found that, over the six year average time drivers keep a new vehicle, electric vehicles cost ~$71,770, while gas vehicles cost ~$58,664.

In general, the cost per mile is lower for electric cars. However, this savings has to be offset against the enormous handicap of $2,000/year that electric vehicles carry, plus the significant inconvenience that charging brings with it. For example, it takes minutes to fill up a tank of gas, while it takes hours to recharge a battery. In addition, gas stations are plentiful, while EV charging stations are not.

The U.S. News article breaks down how to calculate the cost of fueling an electric car. It’s not as simple as it is for a gas car.

FAUXTUS: [7:21] – Biden et al. are claiming it’s the oil and gas industry that is keeping us from producing enough oil for our needs. The video explains the lie behind this statement.

KINDNESS: And another kindness story … “About ten years ago, I was on a walk with the family and stopped by a neighbor’s yard sale. “What is about that?” I pointed to a boom box under the table. “Oh it’s broken they said. It’s yours, free.” I took it home, and found the bad transformer that I happened to have a replacement for. Fixed, no one in the house wanted it. A couple days later at dinner, I said “I am taking it back.” After dinner, I tucked it under my arm and walked to the grey house down the street. I rang the bell. I could hear a commotion inside. Nothing. So I knocked on the door, and it opened. Inside, kids were shouting and jumping around. “Sorry, the woman explained – It’s my son’s 8th birthday.” I held out the stereo. “You gave me this last weekend,” I said, “And I fixed it and want to return it to you.” Her eyes opened wide. “It was my son’s and he missed it terribly. Thank you!” Few fixes have carried the essence of that moment like that one.” – Bruce Baker

LEFT vs. RIGHT: They used to say, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” This is no longer true. Quinnipiac polled American voters to find out what we’d do if we were in Ukraine’s position. Stay and fight: Dems 40% vs. GOP 68%. Flee the country: Dems 52% vs. GOP 25%.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.” St. Catherine of Siena

LIBTARDS: George Takei tweeted this about the Ukraine war. “I know gas is high but we can weather this storm together.” As of 2022, the 83-year-old actor’s net worth was estimated to be roughly $14 million.

CLICK [3:24] to hear how Dave Chappelle responded to the woke mob and what we can learn from it.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Dems and their jerknalist lapdogs lie about Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill, because they can’t stand that it would ban teachers or school admin (or any adult) from talking about sexual identity with 4-8-year-olds.

The NPR report is particularly egregious. Not only does the headline call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but in the text of the article, it refers to “the so-called Parental Rights in Education” bill. Wait, wut? Parental Rights in Education” is literally the bill’s official title!

CLICK [:09] to see what Florida Senate Dems had to say to their GOP colleagues … which demonstrated why nobody with half a brain takes the Left seriously any more.

The Left is so determined to sexually indoctrinate your kids that they’re treating this like the apocalypse.” – Matt Walsh

CLICK [1:00] to hear Gov. DeSantis deal with the fake news that attacks with lies, because their actual positions are morally bankrupt.

FYI: The “AGHamilton” who wrote the tweet is not an Attorney General, as I first supposed, but a tweeter who specializes in outing media bias.

PSAKI: CLICK [:24] to hear Lying Jen say Trump wants Iran to have nukes. It’s interesting how they keep talking about a president who has been out of office for more than a year.

RUSSIA v. UKRAINE: The graphic above was posted Feb 2, 2022 on Facebook. “Mass with blessing of holy water in Ukraine before the war started and suddenly a white dove arrives and poses in the Holy Trinity.”

On Monday, Russia released a list of demands, promising that the war will be over if Ukraine meets the conditions. These include Ukraine ceasing all military actions, acknowledging Crimea as Russian territory, and recognizing two republics in the Donbas region as independent. Russia also demanded Ukraine change its constitution to ensure neutrality, forswearing any attempt to join NATO or the European Union.

CLICK [12:45] to see a recent Newsmax update.

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