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AUSTRALIA: They’re rushing into the End Times down under, hoping to become a cashless society by 2031 or even sooner.

CANADA: The Canadian Bankers Association says that the Freedom Convoy supporters whose bank accounts were frozen will be flagged for life.

Tamara Lich, one of the main leaders behind the Freedom Convoy, has been released on bail, but one of the conditions is that she not speak out against the Canadian government’s COVID rules, not use social media, not attend any COVID protests, and have no contact with the co-accused. Her movements and devices are all being monitored. She planned a peaceful protest, not a bombing!

FAUXTUS: On Tuesday, the Worst President in U.S. History went to Fort Worth, Texas. Listen to how he introduced these three guys. CLICK [:08]. My favorite tweet: “Thank you for playing today’s game of ‘What if Trump said it?’”

Also on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that FAUXTUS’ efforts to beg oil off Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates failed miserably. In fact, the Saudi Crown Prince and the U.A.E’s Sheikh wouldn’t take even his calls. Both have been vocal recently in their criticism of his policies.

They say their efforts to destroy our domestic fossil fuel industries are about protecting the planet from climate change. But the fact that they’re willing to buy these products not just from other nations, but from other nations that hate us exposes their lie. It’s ALL about destroying the United States, so they won’t have to deal with our pesky selves when they try to take over the world.

GAS PRICES: [9:25] – Best tweet – “The entire Biden Presidency: 1. Cause a problem 2. Deny there’s a problem 3. Finally admit there’s a problem, but blame someone else. Rinse and repeat.” Let’s go, Brandon!

HERO: This one took my breath away – On Sunday morning, a drunk driver swerved at high speed around multiple police barricades that had been set up to protect the thousands of runners and bystanders attending the Armed Forces Skyway 10K Race. When she blew past the last one, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Toni Schuck saw only one way to stop her before she killed anybody.

CLICK [:38] to see the dash cam from Schuck’s cruiser. The other cruiser in the video is a second officer who attempted, but failed to intervene, leaving Schuck the only one left between the drunk and all those people!

Both drivers were injured in the crash. The drunk is in jail facing multiple charges. Schuck is recovering from her injuries at home with her family. You can send her a card via Florida Highway Patrol, 11305 North McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “Behold, Jesus Christ crucified, who is the only foundation of our hope; He is our mediator and advocate; the victim and sacrifice for our sins. He is goodness and patience itself; His mercy is moved by the tears of sinners, and he never refuses pardon and grace to those who ask it with a truly contrite and humbled heart.St. Charles Borromeo

MARYLAND: The Maryland Senate is considering the “Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022” that would prohibit investigations and criminal prosecutions for women and medical professionals for a “failure to act” in relation to a “perinatal death.” Since a 2020 law defines “perinatal care” as the “provision of care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum and neonatal periods,” this bill could mean that during the first four weeks of their lives, human babies would have no legal protection from abuse or neglect … something Maryland law guarantees to newborn baby animals.

PRO-LIFE: Pro-life activists in Visalia, California, convinced the City Council not to give Planned Parenthood a permit for a new location. PP already has one clinic in Visalia.

SUMMER CAMPS: The graphic shows one of four Kentucky witches who are hosting a “Sexy Summer Camp” for children. Lessons will include “sex liberation,” “gender exploration,” “BDSM,” “being a sex worker,” “self-managed abortions,” and “sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs.

CLICK [:51] to hear one of the other organizers explain how she teaches toddlers to masturbate as soon as they’re out of diapers.

In Indianapolis, a woman who thinks that kids should be learning “non-binary” vocabulary, taught how to wear a condom, and be “responsibly” introduced to pornography is hosting a “Sex Ed Summer Camp” for kids aged 8-10 years old. For just $250, parents can send their prepubescent youngsters off to be groomed for the next pedophile they encounter.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama and I are filling half-pans with the watercolors and gouaches that we each have that the other doesn’t. Both of these types of paint can be reactivated with water and used with no loss of quality. We’re having so much fun!

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