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FLORIDA: CLICK [7:55] to hear what the state has done this year. It’s impressive. Also, watch DeSantis handle agitators like a Supernanny. (Jo Frost would be proud.)

KETANJI BROWN: CLICK [:51] to hear part of a Fox News report about FAUXTUS’ SCOTUS nominee. CLICK the first link below to read about how she is a long-time support of leniency for child pornsters.

Then, CLICK the second link below to read how WaPo talked about Christine Blasey Ford’s attack on Brett Kavanaugh vs. how they now talk about the GOP’s questioning of Brown’s judicial decisions. Today’s Democrats are like sheep with small brains and no long term memory.

LADY DEMOSTHENES: Lady D. tweeted a sizzling response thread to Bloomberg’s pompous piece on how all the Little People can cope with inflation. “Okay, the Bloomberg opinion piece telling me to shut up and eat lentils and “no one said this would be easy” is my last straw. Look, @bopinion and everyone else pushing a socialist agenda, I’m not looking to join the Venezuelan quick diet.

I’m not looking to turn my comfy first world country into a third world socialist country where the elected elites get to vote themselves more money while they try to convince me to eat bugs.

I’m not looking to be told shut up and cope by people who technically work for ME and who are screwing up my economy by printing more money and SENDING IT OVERSEAS while voting in omnibus bills that steal away more of my individual freedoms.

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of everyone who falls for it, and I’m sick of the willfully obtuse who think socialism means loft apartments and avocado toast for all!

Take the freaking fleece off your eyes and look around you! They voted themselves pay increases at your expense.

Politicians aren’t your parents. They are NOT the adults in the room, they do NOT care one iota about you and you can’t rely on them to fulfill any of their empty promises because they are useless liars, one and all.

Stop telling me to eat cake. Portal was right, the cake is a lie, and y’all better wake up soon and make better choices or you are going to start looking at your local zoo like a grocery store.

I was born in a first world country and damn it I’m handing my son a first world country to live in and I swear I’m willing to fight anyone who aims to take that from him. Be adults. Stop looking for daddy government to take care of you. Take personal responsibility. End rant.”

LENTEN MEDITATION: [9:34] – “During mental prayer, it is well, at times, to imagine that many insults and injuries are being heaped upon us, that misfortunes have befallen us, and then strive to train our heart to bear and forgive these things patiently, in imitation of our Savior. This is the way to acquire a strong spirit.” – St. Philip Neri

MIDTERMS: Yoga for Common Conditions tweeted, “Hi ‘bout spending 7 hours in Ukraine protecting innocent children from GQP supported Russian bombs – so you can pay a few cents less at the gas station? Get a real job grifter.” Hmm … a few cents less? I guess yoga pays well, cuz s/he/it/they obviously drives an EV and has no clue how much gas prices have shot up lately.

S&G: From now on, my blerbs about sexual perversion in our hand-basket to hell culture will be labeled for Sodom and Gomorrah. Ty to my cousin for the idea. – The Babylon Bee cannot get their Twitter account back unless they delete the tweet calling Richard/Rachel Levine a man. The Bee told Twitter to go suck an egg, because truth is not hate speech.

UKRAINE: “Photo of the Day from Kyiv” has me thinking about the importance of the Second Amendment.

GRAMMY NOTES: Here are photos of the project (inside and outside) for which Historic Ithaca selected my Dearest for an Award of Merit. They show how the barn looked when the vet bought it, 2 mid-renovation exteriors, and as it looks now. The practice is for high end, specialty services, like hydrotherapy, surgeries, MRI, that your regular vet would refer you to when needed.

My mom had a pet parakeet who liked to ride the carriage back and forth.

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