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COVID-19: Maybe you and your fellow sheeple were duped, but those of us who pay attention and think for ourselves knew this a loooong time ago.

DEMOCRATS: Good grief. Hunter Biden is 52. Barron Trump is still only 16! Plus, you know, Barron isn’t the one who has been busy, busy, busy selling his daddy’s influence to our nation’s enemies.


FAUXTUS: CLICK [:41] to hear Mumbles say out loud that there is a coming New World Order.

FLORIDA: The anti-God Left is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their pro-grooming, anti-parents-rights billboards. Best tweet responses – “Hi Adam: Can you tell us why you’re so invested in *classroom instruction* about sexualities and gender identities for 5, 6, and 7 year olds? Thanks.” “DeSantis thanks you for the campaign contribution.” “Thank you. Normally I would have to photoshop something like this, so this is a big time-saver.

INDIANA: Gov. Holcomb signed HEA 1116 into law. Indiana counties that use electronic voting machines must install “voter-verifiable paper audit trails” to backup the electronic votes.

MEDIA BIAS: Since last Wednesday when the New York Times quietly admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story was totally true, MSNBC has been the only liberal television network to have even mentioned it. Granted, it was all of two seconds and in the form of a dismissive mention by Cross Connection guest Elie Mystal, but still, that’s two seconds more than ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN gave to something they all condemned at length as Russian disinformation.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness.” – St. John Chrysostom

PRAYERS: An hour after take off, a Chinese airliner went nose down and dropped more than 20,000 feet (3.7 miles) in just over a minute, then crashed, killing 132 passengers and nine crew members. Remember these poor souls, Lord, and have mercy on them.

CLICK [:45].

SCOTUS: Hearings for FAUXTUS’ nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, began. CLICK [9:39] to hear Lindsey Graham lay out the GOP’s ground rules.

S&G: Best comment: “I infer from this that factual truth is not a requirement when/if completing the census.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: What a great world we live in where Jack Dorsey and his cronies get to decide what’s in the public’s best interest!

CLICK the Twitchy link to read IowaHawk’s awesome thread about Twitter’s “handcrafted reality-free bubble.”

VAXXX: Researchers at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, Israel, report that the interim results of a recent study showed the fourth dose of vaxxx “offers little to no protection against contracting the virus when compared to young and healthy individuals vaccinated with three doses.”

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [:32] to hear the latest word salad served up by the First Black Female Vice President! Aren’t we all so glad she’s there? Don’t we all want someone just like her on the Supreme Court?

WAR ON WOMEN: Trans activists hate real women. CLICK [:36] to hear one of them bitch about real women not being comfortable changing in the same locker room with fully-intact male, “Lia” Thomas, cuz that’s like transphobic.

Or maybe “He’s not a trans anything. He’s a dude pretending to be a woman, so he can win competitions. He still has his junk and does not belong in the women’s locker room. I’m annoyed these words need to be said.” – LilPenguin

Plus, you know, he still likes girls. It happens to be perfectly normal for real women to not enjoy having a heterosexual man and his genital junk joining them as they get nekkid and shower and deal with their highly personal and private female stuff. I’m annoyed these words need to be said!

GRAMMY NOTES: Unpacking continues … homeschooling happens … Bootz is under the weather.

The bear’s body language after he climbs out is so funny. He really, really wanted pork for dinner! LOLOL

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