Satan Is Real

Writing the musical score for “The Passion of the Christ” was the most difficult assignment of his life, said Hollywood composer John Debney. The experience strengthened his Christian faith but it also led him to realize that Satan exists.

It is a complete miracle that I became involved with the project and every day the thing that got me through was my faith prayer which was, ‘Lord, if you want me to make it to the finish line, then help me make it to the finish line’,” he told Assist Ministries in 2004.

Icon producer Stephen McEveety, a childhood friend, brought Debney into the movie. The composer was hired on the spot after Mel Gibson listened to some special music Debney had written for the film.

Debney composed the music with the use of his computer at his workstation at home. He said the computers, synthesizers and hard drives would go down and “the digital picture that lives on the computer with the music would just freeze on his [Satan’s] face. Then the volume would go to ten and it would happen all the time.

The composer said he was scared the first time it happened but, once he got over the initial shock, he learned to work around it.

His experience made him realize that “maybe Satan is a real person… I can attest that he was in my room a lot and I know that he hit everyone on this production.”

Debney said his battle with Satan became really personal. He recounted his experience, four months into the project, when things “became bad” and he felt it was time to address the issue head on.

The computers froze for about the tenth time that day and it was about nine o’clock at night and so I got really mad, and I told Satan to manifest himself and I said, ‘Let’s go out into the parking lot and let’s go’,” he told Assist Ministries.

He didn’t manifest himself, but I wished he would have,” said Debney. “It changed for me after that.

The composer said he was often physically drained during the project but oddly he said he never felt tired, often working in his studio late into the night. 

What I was trying to do with the music was to write first of all the best that I could write and try to be true to the period,” he said. “In the bigger picture, I gave it all up to the Lord and whatever came out.


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5 responses to “Satan Is Real

  1. red

    Years ago, I had a streak of bad luck. Praying over it, I felt/heard in me something say, you can reverse curses and pray for the witch. OK, did that and after a few days, the bad luck stopped. Less than a week later, one of the girls called to say her mother was in the hospital, triple-bypass. Her mother was a nazi, loved the new age approach to everything nazi, and cursed people. The devil doesn’t own you. As a believer, you have every right to bind, to cast out, to break all power he has. Jesus said this is part of the Great Commission. peace to you.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yes. And thank you! I think it’s important for us to inform and remind the world about this. Yet very often when I do so, someone will wag a finger about me giving the devil too much attention.

      Personally, I think we give him too LITTLE attention and that this suits him just fine. I ask folks, “Are you giving your dentist too much attention when you floss and brush daily? Or are you just using the tools God gave you to fight dental caries?”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Years ago, a priest asked me if I’d come along to a home where the family was under assault, they thought probably by a witchy relative who hated their new Christian faith. There were several very young children, so I was there as a babysitter so the priest could talk to the parents. I ended up being godmother to the whole family, when it was determined they needed not just a house blessing, but emergency baptisms!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I also heard a talk by a spiritual warrior from Africa who had had a witchy in-law who hated her for being Christian. The witch became deathly ill and told the woman, “I set a death curse on you, but your spirit is too strong. Since a curse must land, it came back on to me.” The woman’s spirit, of course, was the Holy Spirit.

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