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CHICAGO: On Monday, Chicago Public Schools finally went “mask-optional” for kids. This was over the violent objection of the Chicago Teacher’s Union. A parent tweeted, “Today my son, who faces severe speech delays and needs to see faces and be able to see his own, toddled off happily to pre-K at school (he goes b/c CPS has therapy options). He was returned to me two hours later with a mask forcibly tied to his face by a teacher. Crying. … ‘Now could I drink hot blood’ – Hamlet, Act III sc. ii.

CLARENCE THOMAS: Tweet above is a sample of how the ever-classy and oh-so-tolerant Left reacted to news that Justice Thomas was in the hospital, being treated for an infection. The latest word I saw was that he is recovering.

COVID-19: The number of COVID cases has nearly tripled in the U.K. since the nadir of the post-winter drop four weeks ago. Scotland, which has the highest vaxxx rate in the U.K. has recorded its highest infection rates of the pandemic so far. And there are now more COVID patients in Irish hospitals than at any point in 12 months, with nearly 95% of all adults being fully vaxxxed and nearly 100% of seniors both vaxxxed and boosted.

DEMOGRAPHICS: The suburbs were majority Republican in 2016, then switched to majority Democrat in 2020. They’ve now swung back to the GOP. A recent approval poll among suburban voters showed Trump at 47% vs. Biden at 38%.

LENTEN MEDITATION: “All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.” – Pope St. Pius X

MICHIGAN: Two Catholic agencies have won significant court cases against the state that attempted to bully them into placing children into homes with same-sex foster or adoptive parents. In both cases, the state has been ordered to pay the Catholic agencies for their legal fees. The total is well over a million dollars.

RUSSIA: Anatoly Chubais, a Kremlin special envoy to Putin, has quit his post at the Kremlin and fled Russia due to his nation’s invasion of Ukraine. Chubais previously served as chief of staff to former President Boris Yeltsin. He is the highest-ranking Russian official to publicly sever ties with Putin over the war with Ukraine.

SCOTUS: CLICK [3:30] to hear Ketanji Brown Jackson slime past a whole lot of questions the Lefties thought Brett Kavanaugh should absolutely answer. “I have an opinion that I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to share” … let me think what the translation is. How about, “If I said what I think, y’all would definitely not vote for me.

CLICK [3:20] to hear her refuse to answer, “What is a woman?” She says she can’t answer that because, “I’m not a biologist.” I’m pretty sure the basics of male and female anatomy and all that XX and XY stuff was on my 10th grade Biology Regents exam.

CLICK [4:50] to hear Ted Cruz challenge Jackson with evidence that CRT is being taught in the school on whose board Brown serves.

VAXXX: CLICK [1:17] to hear Dr. McCullough talk about how health insurance statistics are proving what he has been saying all along.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz unpacked some of her pretties. The dish on the bottom left, the one with bunnies running around the rim, was my baby dish!


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  1. I have a really bad cold, so I went to the clinic this afternoon and took a covid test. I’m praying that it will be positive. I caught this cold from my husband, so if I have covid, that means he had it (his case was very mild). We’re fed up with people asking us if we’ve been vaccinated, and if we can say “We have natural immunity,” then maybe people will stop haranguing us.

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