We’ve been lied to about the safety of the vaxxx

The following is most of “Where the MRNA vaccine safety train derailed, and the public was lied to” by Jennifer Brown, which was published March 24, 2022. (Link below.) I say “most” because two of the graphics she included were from articles I was unable to locate myself and one graphic and link that I included, she did not.


Yesterday we discussed the differences between the traditional versus the MRNA vaccine. And some pretty bold statements made by Sloan Kettering and Blue Cross Blue Shield about the safety of this vaccine.

I am going to start with the first misnomer: you cannot get sick from an MRNA vaccine. There is no virus! It is just a protein! You cannot get sick from your body mounting a response to the vaccine! Can we all agree that it is not true that you will not get sick from a MRNA covid vaccine? How many people have felt SO ROTTEN the day after a covid vaccine? Fever, chills, vaccine site pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, malaise, just to name a few. So the statement that “you will not get sick from the vaccine” is 100% false. I know more people than not who felt pretty rotten post vaccine. And……with each increasing vaccine, they felt worse. Sicker post vaccine #2. Booster vaccine #3 landed them in bed for a few days. Not everyone, but more than not had some nasty effects. I have read countless social media posts of people I know who have posted about how ill they felt post vaccine 1,2,and 3. Again, not everyone does. But more than not do. And yes. You can feel crappy after a traditional vaccine. I have felt run down with a very sore arm after a tetanus vaccine. I felt run down and tired after a flu vaccine. I have never been so sick post traditional vaccine that I ran a fever and had to call in sick to work.

Second misnomer: the MRNA vaccine does not leave your deltoid muscle. False. Traditional vaccines do not leave the deltoid muscle. But we now have scientific evidence that the MRNA vaccine does not park itself in the muscle and stay there. The proteins in the MRNA vaccine travel throughout the body via exosomes. They do, in fact, it end up spreading to all parts of the body.

Lets unpackage this. Exosomes are cell to cell communicators. Messengers released from a cell. They carry genetic information, and they carry proteins, lipids, genetic materials, and they have the ability to “onboard” their information to other cells. It was found that the exosomes carrying MRNA protein material did not deteriorate as rapidly as originally thought. When studies were done on day 14 post vaccine, exosomes were still found carrying the spike protein. They determined that these exosome loaded with spike proteins existed for at least 4 months in the circulation throughout the body. Why is this concerning? The spike proteins and the MRNA were supposed to dissipate within minutes to hours after administration. The spike proteins were not supposed to migrate throughout the body. Reading from the founder of MRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, he discusses that “the mRNA in these genetic vaccines are not degrading rapidly once inside cells and that the Moderna vaccine continues to produce protein up until 12 days after transfection. Natural mRNA degrades usually within 45 minutes and no longer than a few hours. That this synthetic mRNA is not degrading rapidly is extremely worrying. Particularly as we also know that the synthetic mRNA is immunosuppressive. It is also confirmed that the vaccine mRNA is not degrading and spike protein in lymph nodes is much more extensive than in the COVID-19 patent lymph nodes.” This is why women are told to delay mammograms for at least 6 weeks post vaccine, as there is prolonged enlargement of lymph nodes. What is scary is that neither Pfizer or Moderna bothered to test for length of time the spike protein remained in the body BEYOND THE 48 HOUR MARK. Two days is all they checked for??

Third misnomer: MRNA cannot change your DNA or become part of your DNA. Sadly, that is also not true. That bombshell came out in two separate papers, a Swedish study on liver cells, and another paper co-authored by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Back in November 2021, Forbes posted an article that the vaccines “can” change your DNA “a little bit” and that is “not necessarily a bad thing.” That, my friends, is called mainstream media trying to get ahead of a story that is very bad for the pro-covid vaccine agenda.

In the Swedish paper, in an in-vivo study of liver cells, it was shown that the covid vaccine RNA can be reverse transcribed into the human DNA genome. Furthermore, this happens very quickly after administration of the covid vaccine: as in within 6 hours of the vaccine. We have been told by prominent corporate healthcare entities that this cannot happen! I am calling you out Memorial Sloan Kettering! If the MRNA vaccine can reverse transcriptase within 6 hours into liver cells….what is it doing to the rest of your body? In the paper co-authored by Dr. McCullough, concerns were raised about the pathogenesis effects of the covid vaccine in the body, namely neurologically, if the MRNA encodes into the human DNA genome.

If the MRNA vaccine changes your genomic sequence and your DNA, this becomes a very large question about what long term changes occur. Your DNA is unique to you. It makes YOU who YOU are. If we start reverse transcribing the spike protein into our DNA, what are the long term consequences of that? What illnesses will we see exacerbated from this? We have ZERO studies to know! Our genetics determine our risk for certain diseases. They also determine how we age. What portions of our genomic sequence is the vaccine reverse transcribing into DNA? Areas that age us faster? Put us at risk for cardiac issues? Diabetes? Auto-immune issues? So many questions. Not many answers. What we do know is that everyone who told us that these vaccines are safe and definitely do not enter your cell nucleus DNA were not truthful. If they went so far to cover that information up, how far will they go to hide the effects of this DNA altering injection? Who is going to be held responsible for this?


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