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BIDENFLATION: It took the current administration just 14 months to go from “Build Back Better” to “expect food shortages.” CLICK [:19] to hear him blame Putin.

BUDDY THE CAT: Disturbing video of two boys (12 and 17) deliberately siccing their dogs on a cat who couldn’t get away and cheering while they tore him to pieces. CLICK (or better not) [:32].

In much, much better news, more than $30,000 was raised from American & international donors for Buddy’s medical care. The Pennsylvania SPCA will use the excess funds to treat other animals in its care. Both of the suspects have been taken into custody.

CLIMATE CHANGE: The UK’s national weather service has published 130 years of detailed rainfall records that go back to 1836, thus increasing the amount of pre-1960 observation data available for climate scientists and researchers by sixfold.

The records were digitized from handwritten records by 16,000 volunteers. They show that the UK had two of its wettest months ever in 1842 and its driest year on record just 13 years later. Ben Pile, co-founder of the Climate Resistance blog, told The Epoch Times, “The historical record debunks climate alarmism.”

COVID-19: The CDC quietly slashed over 70 thousand deaths from the U.S. ‘rona count. A total of 26 state death records were affected, and statistics from all age groups were part of the update. The CDC said the over count was due to a “coding logic error.” I’m thinking the logic error they made was to think we weren’t going to figure out they were over counting deaths for purely political reasons.

FAUXTUS: His approval has dropped even lower, down to 34% overall and 31% on the economy.

ISRAEL: Regulators in this highly vaxxxed nation found the effectiveness of the first and second shots waned quickly, so they said everyone should get a booster. When they found effectiveness for the booster waned even more quickly, they started doing fourth doses … only to find effectiveness waned even sooner than they had for the third doses.

Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech, have asked U.S. regulators to authorize second boosters for all elderly people, based on Israeli data supposedly showing the fourth shot lowers rates of infections. Yeah, kinda. For a while. And at what cost to the people who are getting their immune systems assaulted again and again and again and again?!

KBJ: CLICK [1:46] to hear the Democrat chair refuse to allow her to answer Cruz’s question.

In an effort to make Judge Jackson look less like a porno lover, WaPo published a flattering profile piece about an offender she once sentenced to only 3 months (instead of the 8 years the prosecutor wanted). The perv has since re-offended. Some of the children in his dirty pics are as young as 8.

Her confirmation hearings are over and now we wait. AP reports that the GOP doesn’t like her because she has “too much empathy.” I’m all for empathy is mothering, nursing, therapy, maybe even in family court. But please, dear God, not on the Supreme Court.

LENTEN MEDITATION:I remind you, My daughter, that as often as you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself completely in My mercy, adoring and glorifying it; invoke its omnipotence for the whole world, and particularly for poor sinners; for at that moment mercy was opened wide for every soul.” -St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in my Soul (1572)

MASKS: After FAUXTUS ignored a 57-40 US Senate vote to end mask mandates on public transportation, the CEOs of ten major airlines – Alaska, American, Atlas, Delta, FedEx Express, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, United, UPS Airlines – and the CEO of Airlines for America, which is the trade association representing the carriers, wrote to tell him to cancel the masks.

Ten commercial airline pilots from six states have filed a federal lawsuit against CDC and its parent agency, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), asking the court to strike down the federal transportation mask mandate, arguing that it endangers aviation safety.

PRONOUNS: Tucker Carlson has now joined the Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk in Twitter Jail for having the audacity to point out that “Rachel” Levine is a man.

S&G: A children’s hospital in Portland advises young boys on how to tuck their genitals to make them less noticeable and explains to young girls how to bind their chests to inhibit breast growth. Their advice also includes directions to sex shops that sell undies to help young adolescents squash their developing bodies.

UKRAINE: CLICK [:16] to hear FAUXTUS talk to members of the 82d Airborne in Poland. It sounds like he’s planning to send them over! A White House official claimed it wasn’t what it sounded like and that Biden isn’t changing his stance on deploying the military into Ukraine. I don’t trust anything that man or anyone in his administration says.

XYLITOL: I just saw an article touting research that suggests this popular low cal sweetener may have both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. I’m concerned it’s going to show up in even more products. It’s already popular in diet foods, sugarless gum, and things like toothpaste, because it does not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar.

HOWEVER, xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure, or even death in dogs. If your dog ingests ANY, take it to a vet immediately. Only very quick treatment can save it (maybe).

GRAMMY NOTES: I drew this last night. When I took the photo, the light source on the left was a little too strong.

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