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COVID-19: The Health and Human Services spent $1 billion on a media campaign designed to build public confidence in COVID-19 vaccines using mainstream news outlets. Handy how the plandemic gave them an excuse to shovel billions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of major Democrat donors, innit?

Two links below to Meryl Nass’ substack talk at length about the government’s COVID lies.

DEMOCRATS: The party that claims to hold the patent on civility and tolerance seems to produce some really vile haters. And Twitter tolerates them. At least three Tweeters have been banned for saying trans men are not women, so you know that if anyone ever said the above about RBG, Sotomayor, or Kagan, his Twitter account would be canceled. But not this jerk. His ugliness is still up for all to see. My favorite response is, “You’re really going to use the term ‘token’ after Biden’s pick?

FAUXTUS: [8:35] – “My God, this man can not stay in power.” This stuff would be funny if it wasn’t all so damned dangerous.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: “This little boy will grow up knowing his parents don’t want him. And they think THEY’RE the victims.” – Sam J.

LENTEN MEDITATION: Trying to apply Jesus’ commandment to real situations and real enemies can become really uncomfortable. It helps to understand what is and is not meant by “love” in this context. For starters, the Greek word is agape, which is the highest form of love. The lesser forms are affection, friendship, and romantic love. Agape love does not mean to feel warm fuzzies about or to enjoy being with or to respect another person. It means to desire what is best for them. And if they are sinning, then what is best is for them to repent and get right with God before it’s too late.

MEDIA: The slimers are misrepresenting FAUXTUS’ proposed tax increase, I assume to make it more palatable.

TRANS: Lawmakers in four more states have passed trans sports bans. In Utah, Republicans had enough of a majority to override the pro-LGBT governor’s veto, despite 100% Democrat disapproval.

UKRAINE: One of Putin’s declared reasons for invading the nation is the existence of multiple biolabs. Emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop show both invested in and helped find millions of dollars to fund those labs.

VAXXX: CLICK [1:17] to hear how insurance claims are proving how dangerous the mRNA shots are. We’ve heard that their goal with it was the reduce the world’s population. If that’s true, it’s working.

Also, a small study at Seattle Children’s Hospital reviewed cases of 16 patients younger than 18 who went to the hospital with chest pain and elevated serum troponin levels, two key markers of heart inflammation, within a week of getting a second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Tests performed 3 to 8 months after vaxxxing showed 11 had persistent late gadolinium enhancement, a heart abnormality, though at lower levels than months earlier.

Late gadolinium enhancement is known as an indicator of heart injury and is associated with a worse prognosis in patients with typical myocarditis. Dr. Anish Koka, a cardiologist who wasn’t involved with the study, said it suggests that 60 to 70 percent of teenagers who get myocarditis from a COVID-19 vaccine may be left with a scar in their heart.

VIRGINIA: On Mar. 11, the Virginia House of Delegates unanimously passed a resolution to recognize Dr. Paul Marik, founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), for “his courageous treatment of critically ill COVID-19 patients.

On Mar. 15, the Virginia Department of Health Professions sent Dr. Paul Marik a letter informing him that he was under investigation for prescribing Ivermectin and other alternative treatments to COVID patients.

WALKAWAYS: [3:08] – Radical feminists are fed up with the trans agenda that is erasing women. The feminist group The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is confronting the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) over its silence on the scandal of Lia Thomas, a male, dominating women’s swimming. Mahri Irvine, WoLF’s executive director, accused the NCAA of giving the “silent treatment” to women athletes and of “gaslighting of our entire country.” “We all know that Lia Thomas is male,” she said.

WAR ON WOMEN: [4:31] – Democrats are the real culprits.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama has been so stressed from unpacking that I nagged her to get her paints out and start taking art breaks. Today, she sent some of the sketches she did while watching a dagger brush strokes tutorial. I did it too. We both learned a lot. Anyway, Army Princess texted that her son said Mama “did almost as good a job as Grammy in your sketching.” LOLOLOL


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