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BIDEN CRIME FAMILY: It looks like Obama and whoever else runs the cabal are ready to throw the entire clan under the proverbial bus. Hmm … I wonder how much juice the Clinton and Pelosi crime families still have. Might be the cabal is getting sick and tired of wrinkly old white people running everything.

HEPARIN: Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered that inhaling heparin helps prevent those with COVID-19 from developing lung damage and shows promise in protecting people from getting the virus.

FAUXTUS: Andrea Widburg has some pointed remarks about Tuesday’s White House reception.

Barack Obama was at the White House yesterday, making it clear, as did others at the reception held in Obama’s honor, that …Biden is now shark chum. The chumming process began when Obama referred to Biden as the ‘vice president,’ adding, after a long pause, That was a joke.

No, it wasn’t a joke. … Biden, showing the deference of the Beta male to the Alpha male (or the abused wife to her abuser), later introduced himself as Obama’s vice president and ‘Jill Biden’s husband.’ …

Barack Obama, whether in his walled D.C. Kalorama home or in his coastal properties in Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii, is probably the one running the White House show.

She then outlines her “wild theory” that, frankly, doesn’t sound all that wild to me. Click the link to read about it.

HUNTER’S LAPTOP: Jack Maxey, the whistleblower who handed Hunter’s abandoned laptop to congressmen and to, says he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos. For the past two weeks, he says he has been in hiding in Zurich, Switzerland, working with IT experts to dig out more data which he intends to post online.

J6: Matthew Martin has been acquitted on all charges. Although he did enter the Capitol building for about ten minutes, he says the police invited him in and that he didn’t do anything illegal while he was there. The government acknowledged that “police officers stood on either side of the doorway as the defendant entered” the building and video shows two police officers standing near the Rotunda doors and allowing people to enter as Martin approached.

LENTEN MEDITATION: [9:27] – The Corporal Works of Mercy include: Feed the hungry; Give water to the thirsty; Clothe the naked; Shelter the homeless; Visit the sick; Visit the imprisoned, or ransom the captive; Bury the dead.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy include: Instruct the ignorant; Counsel the doubtful; Admonish the sinners; Bear patiently those who wrong us; Forgive offenses; Comfort the afflicted; Pray for the living and the dead.

The charity he talks about, Mary’s Meals, has an excellent rating at Charity Navigator:

PENNSYLVANIA: Governor Tom Wolf’s administration has decided to use taxpayer money to “harness the power of community trust in statewide faith-based organizations” to convince folks to get the vaxxx. Churches and other nonprofits will get $10 for each person they convince to get jabbed.

TEXAS: CLICK [1:19] to hear Gov. Abbott explain that they will be chartering buses to send illegals to D.C. and drop them off where the Biden administration can more directly address their needs.

VAXXX: Apparently, Pfizer’s bottom line is now a matter of national security. Or something.

VOTING MACHINES: On Wednesday, Biden’s FEC nominee testified in front of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee. She admitted to Senator Ted Cruz that she put her name on a legal document swearing that voting machines used in Georgia in 2018 had illegally changed votes from one candidate to another.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bootz just yanked his second baby tooth out by himself, brave boy!


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  1. Doctor Who and the weird “weeping angel” monsters – interesting choice for illustration, chrissy.

    …making it clear… Biden is now shark chum.

    One might almost feel bad for the lonely old man. Almost. Barely.

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