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BRIBERY: In March 2020, Trump initiated a pause in student loan repayments as a pandemic measure. Now that the unemployment rate is at rock bottom, one might think it was time to require people who took out loans to begin repaying them again. One would not be a Democrat staring down a disastrous midterm election. They’ve enthusiastically extended the pause, boasting about how the Biden administration is the only one in history under which no one has been required to pay back student loan debt.

CRT: South Dakota’s Gov. Noem has signed an executive order banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory. That makes ten states to take a stand on this false and divisive curriculum.

FATHER STU: [3:35] – Catholic Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg has released his first faith-based movie, Father Stu, the true-life story of the late Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who, soon after entering the priesthood, developed a debilitating inflammatory muscle disease called inclusion body myositis. I hope they decide to release it to DVD soon!

FAUXTUS: James Nollet exposes another in the long line of fake family stories folksy Joe Biden loves to tell. On April 6, he said, “Every time that price of the gas went up with the pump, guess what? It was a conversation our kitchen table.” Between 1949-1965, the price of gas never fluctuated by more than two cents per gallon.

FENTANYL: The DEA says fentanyl overdoses are killing Americans at an “unprecedented” rate. The DEA says many of the OD victims hadn’t even known they were ingesting this highly addictive drug, which is so potent that a tiny smitch is enough to kill.

The people who pander to China (where the stuff is manufactured) AND refuse to close our border (over which it is smuggled) are the same people who want to destroy the United States from within AND reduce the world population.

HUNTER: CLICK [8:16] to hear Rob Schmitt report on how the media is still protecting Joe from Hunter’s laptop. I’m thinking that we’ll know when the real PTBs running the WH decide it’s time for Joe to go, because we’ll see the media suddenly flip this story on its head.

HYPOCRISY: CLICK [2:10] hear then-Senator Biden vote AYE to an amendment to ban “the distribution of instructional materials, instruction, counseling, and other services on school grounds or referral of a pupil to an organization that affirms homosexual lifestyles.” IOW, back then, he was for something that covered all grades and went into far more “Don’t Say Gay” than the Florida law he recently called “hateful.

LENTEN MEDITATION: Reprising the list from yesterday – The Corporal Works of Mercy include: Feed the hungry; Give water to the thirsty; Clothe the naked; Shelter the homeless; Visit the sick; Visit the imprisoned, or ransom the captive; Bury the dead.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy include: Instruct the ignorant; Counsel the doubtful; Admonish the sinners; Bear patiently those who wrong us; Forgive offenses; Comfort the afflicted; Pray for the living and the dead.

POP TARTS: Some guy tried to sue Kellogg (let me gue$$ what that wa$ all about), saying Pop Tarts are deceptively packaged, because they show pictures of fruit on the label.

The judge tossed it out saying, “No reasonable consumer would see the entire product label, reading the words ‘Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts’ next to a picture of a toaster pastry coated in frosting, and reasonably expect that fresh strawberries would be the sole ingredient in the Product.”

PRAYERS NEEDED: A missionary in Burkina Faso, Africa, has been abducted, possibly by Muslim activists. Sister Suellen Tennyson, MSC, of the Congregation of Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross, is 83.

S&G: A Seattle museum co-founded by a Microsoft executive is offering a “Drag-tastic” summer camp that will allegedly help kids ages 12 to 18 learn how to create their “drag personas.”

After a Virginia father accused a teacher of behavior that appeared to him to be grooming, the teacher filed charges. The father has been served with four misdemeanor charges of slander and libel.

CLICK [:58] to hear why Gov. DeSantis really needed to sign that bill.

Some libtard named Aella tweeted this brain-dead analysis: “Child porn is created when people get paid to make child porn; the rarer you make it, the more they get paid. The best way to protect children is to kill the economic demand; flood the market with AI generated, freely-accessible stuff that’s created with zero harm to children.” Child porn is created by people who get their jollies from molesting children. They share it freely with one another. In addition, pornography is addictive, so flooding the market will increase, not decrease the harm done to children.

SCOTUS: The Senate voted to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, with the support of the expected three RINOS – Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and Susan Collins (R-Maine).

VAXXX: A FOIA’d document reveals that, three months after the release of the ‘rona vaxxx, Pfizer had to hire 600 additional full-time employees, with a plan to hire 1800 total, just to process the flood of adverse events reported.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: [5:15] – Kentucky Gov. Beshear has vetoed a bill to protect women’s sports from transgender males. However, it appears that an override is likely.


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