Palm Sunday

2020: The big Democrat lie is that they care. [12:16] – CLICK [:59] to see some cheering news about Hispanic voters.

In other news, the National Republican Congressional Committee has raised a record-breaking $180.9 million to put toward taking back the House of Representatives this November.

GMAIL: A new study from North Carolina State University’s Department of Computer Science found that Google’s email service, Gmail, filters messages to voters ahead of elections in a way that clearly favors Democrats. In 2020, Gmail delivered the vast majority of emails from left-wing politicians into voters’ inboxes, but sent 77.2% of right-wing candidate emails to spam folders.

HUNTER’S LAPTOP: CLICK [2:02] to hear CBS News (!!!) actually report on Hunter and James Biden corruption.

KENTUCKY: Gov. Beashear has signed legislation to prevent what they did during the plandemic.

MEDIA: [4:59] – Best comment: “This guy is incredibly well spoken; a stark contrast from the flunkies at CNN.

RACISM: CLICK [2:24] to hear DHS Sec. Mayorkas tell a Black audience that the greatest terrorism threat in this country is from white supremacists fueled by false narratives on social media. The Left really wants us to ignore the very real threats to our nation without, while fomenting hatred and division from within. Best comment: “I’m generally a peaceful man but right now I would like to punch this asshole right in the face.”

S&G: CLICK [2:33] to hear Bill Maher laugh at Dennis Prager in 2019 for saying something that just two years later he admits is true. BTW, I remember reporting on the tampon dispensers in the men’s room when it happened and it was because trannies had demanded it. What kind of woman would ask her man to get her a tampon from the men’s room?!

VAXXX: Published case reports and hundreds of VAERS reports describe females (one as young as 5!) developing multiple, ‘exquisitely painful,’ weeping vaginal lesions after Pfizer COVID shots. Some of them developed “necrotic islands” – or spots of dead, gray tissue.

None of the girls were sexually active or reported a history of COVID infection or recent exposure, or of having any recent symptomatic viral illnesses. Tests for cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr Virus known to be associated with the condition were all negative.

The ulcers are believed to be an abnormal immune response to infection or other sources of inflammation and were “likely activated by vaccination.”

WOKE DISNEY: CLICK [:27] to see a recently leaked video showing how far gone Disney is.

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