Feast of the Annunciation

PRAYERS NEEDED: I’m sure you’ve all heard that a local boy (18) opened fire at an elementary school in Uvalde, about 90 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. The latest count is 22 dead, including 19 children, two adults, and the shooter.

In 1996, our community was devastated when two high school girls were kidnapped out of their home. Their bodies were found in pieces in the state forest and the perp, a next door neighbor, killed himself in jail.

Not to minimize anything about that unspeakable tragedy, but it was two high school kids. This community just lost 19 elementary school babies. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through.

BORDER: [3:27] – “To what end?” How do you not understand that their goal is to destroy the United States of America?

CLIMATE They said rising CO2 would melt the ice caps and cause massive flooding. Like everything else they predicted, it hasn’t happened. And it’s NOT because the world has stopped making CO2. We’ve cut back and so has Europe. But India’s output has gone up a lot and China’s has gone up by way more than a lot.

DAVOS: “The WHO and the World Economic Forum [are] in Switzerland – a country with closed borders, a 95% white population, and strict immigration laws – to promote borderless societies, multiculturalism, global government, and mass migration. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy.” – Charlie Kirk

EASTER MEDITATION: [16:13] – I’d like to encourage you to subscribe to this guy’s channel and learn from him.

ENERGY: CLICK https://rumble.com/v15takw-biden-lets-truth-slip-about-energy-transition-as-gas-prices-soar.html [:15] to hear Biden say the truth for a change. Soaring gas prices are the POINT of their policies. As far as “God willing” … I’m thinking He gave us all the fossil fuel we would need to meet His timeline for this Earth and when “this is over”, we’ll all be in a much better (or much worse) place.

GEORGIA: Stacey Abrams has been able to simultaneously claim that the governorship was stolen from her by voter fraud in Georgia, but that Biden’s win was supposedly as pure as the driven snow. Now this. Her brain is an awful place of waste.

HEROES OF LIBERTY: [3:29] – Rob Larson writes at Current Affairs, Reactionary children’s books take their awful place in the wall-to-wall right-wing media lineup … [part of the] apparently burgeoning subgenre of reactionary children’s literature. They are also the dark bile of the infected toe of the Devil himself.”

Larson describes the book and its wretched art work in great detail with the paragraphs interspersed with nasty parodies of the Heroes of Liberty series. He concludes, apparently without a shred of self-awareness, “Just a story about a lady who is smart and nice and becomes powerful and it’s our lucky day. Bet your life that one day a kid will read this book without realizing they exist because Barrett helped take away their mom’s ability to pick a family size.” I stopped reading, because after that bit of bizarreness, he went on to sneer at the book about Thomas Sowell with a screen entitled “Only Self-Made Black Lives Matter.

INDIANA: The legislature has voted to override the governor’s veto of a bill banning biological males from participating “on an athletic team or sport designated under this section as being a female, women’s, or girls’ athletic team or sport.”

KINDNESS: Grab a tissue and click the link.

MONKEYPOX: There have been 200 confirmed cases of monkeypox in North America and Europe, with the surge apparently related to homosexual men. The virus is not technically an STD, but because it spreads only through close contact with the lesions, sexual contact is a major vector. Symptoms include fever, body aches, and rashes.

PELOSI: On June 18, 2021, she refused to say whether or not an unborn baby is a human being. [2:41] – While a number of bishops have expressed support for Archbishop Cordileone’s order to bar San Fran Nan from receiving Holy Eucharist, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C. is not one of them. “Cardinal Gregory has not instructed the priests of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington to refuse Communion to anyone.”

This is what I expected from him. And, as I also figured, she publicly received Holy Communion on Sunday at Holy Trinity in Georgetown. Holy Trinity is considered a very liberal parish. President Joe Biden often attends Mass there and the parish website advertises a “Pride Mass” coming up on June 15.

S&G: A whistleblower has leaked an email that State Farm sent to hundreds of employees, encouraging them to donate pro-trans books for young children to their local schools and libraries.

Along with donating the books, we would encourage the agent to highlight our commitment to diversity on their social media pages,” it added. “This is a fantastic way to give back and an easy project that will help support the LGBTQ+ community and to make the world around us better.

SUSSMANN: On Sept. 19, 2016, Michael Sussmann met with James Baker, then the FBI’s top lawyer, and provided him with “evidence” that the Trump Organization had been communicating with the Russian Alfa Bank organization in Moscow.

At that time, Sussmann told the FBI that he was not representing anybody when, in fact, he was working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which had cooked up the whole Trump-Russia hoax to try and ensure her march to the Oval. Sussmann is currently on trial for lying to the FBI.

The latest revelation to emerge is that, when the FBI opened an investigation into possible Trump-Russia collusion, they never mentioned Sussmann, a man who had clear ties to Hillary Clinton, as the source. Instead, the file credited the Department of Justice via an anonymous third party.

TISSUE ALERT! I can’t imagine how satisfying this work must be. [2:55] – AND speaking of new hands, how about this guy who had to have both arms amputated in 1998. Sixteen months after a double arm/shoulder transplant, he can not only feel the wind on his hands, but also brush his teeth, lift weights, cuddle his grandchildren … and so much more!

VFAUXTUS: She tried to reassure us that they are taking the baby formula shortage crisis seriously. “You know, when we talk about our children, I know for this group, we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community.” Well, I feel reassured, don’t you? /sarc

GRAMMY NOTES: Scientists dug up a new flying dinosaur that was as big as a school bus and dubbed it “The Dragon of Death.” I’m expecting this to be Bootz’s new favorite dino.

CLICK (sound on) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=349484080391421 [:30].

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  1. Thank you for being in The Vine.

    yada agape makarios shema avad levav nefesh m’eod

    Knowing, caring, life giving, seeing/hearing/obeying, serving/worshiping, completely believing, devoting all ones life with total conviction, and doing so with all one’s strength.

    “When something matters to a culture, the more words represent it.” <<< Yes, well said.

    This is Him, Jeshua, The Flesh and Blood, Son of Man, Son of God. You shared Him. You shared The never ending Voice, anyone can see/hear, if they have ears/eyes. Many preach to signs and wonders. "Be not deceived." But this is The Flesh and Blood. This is Life. Thank you. Bless you and yours (throughout/thoroughly/completely/makarios in Him). John 10:30

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