Ascension Thursday

2A: Politicizing tragedies … sickening. [3:49] – Millions of kids watched gun violence every Saturday morning for years, but none of them shot up their schools. The problem isn’t with guns or gun laws. It’s with the Godless way we raise and educate our kids.

AOC: “I must’ve missed the federal law which permits the mass murder of children in school buildings. Can you give me a citation to the US Code, please?” – The Gormogons

And while we’re speaking of an “idolatry of violence”, how about every Roe supporter demanding their “right” to suction, poison, and dismember unborn humans, then carve up their bodies and sell off the parts?

ARKANSAS: Sarah Huckabee Sanders has won the GOP gubernatorial nomination with more than 80% of the vote.

BETO O’ROURKE: CLICK [1:07] to hear a shameless buffoon try to score political points by interrupting Gov. Abbot’s presser to update the public about the Uvalde shooting. “This is on you.”

No, Beto. It’s not. It’s on the young man who chose to murder his grandmother and then go to Hell in a blaze of “glory”, a person whose name and image will never appear in this blog.

In a later tweet, it says that the man on stage telling Beto O’Rouke to leave and saying he is out of line is Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin. “This mayor was on TV yesterday, and in tears. Beto didn’t respect him or his devastation one iota. … there are literally parents of dead children in that auditorium.” – Pradheep J. Shanker

CHILDREN: The Left’s use of children as cannon fodder began more than 50 years ago when they started legalizing abortion. Here in New York State, we didn’t have to wait for Roe, because Democrats legalized it up to 24 weeks three years before.

COLLUSION HOAX: CLICK [:56] to see Trump’s new ad. Also, on Thursday, Trump filed a $24 million federal lawsuit against Hillary and cohorts for fabricating and disseminating the Russian collusion scandal.

DEMOCRATS: CLICK [3:01] to hear McCarthy talk about “rules for thee, but not for me.”

FATNESS: [7:54] – In the insane world of identity politics, individuals have the right to decide for themselves who or what they are, regardless of what common sense, cultural norms, or any kind of science you can name might say about it.

Simultaneously, in the insane world of intersectionality, the more victimized you are, the higher you rank within your victim tribe, inspiring members of the tribe to push others down as they strive for higher status for themselves.

Net result: One’s intersectional identity is his/her/theyx absolutely personal right to define, but it is only as valid as other members of the tribe allow it to be.

FAUXTUS: Pay no attention to the man behind the podium spewing angry, nasty, divisive rants.

GEORGIA: On Monday, VoterGA announced that 102 Georgia counties illegally destroyed drop box surveillance videos from the November 2020 election. Video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots.

On November 9, 2021, the group announced that 56 counties had illegally destroyed 1.7 million digital ballot images. They claimed they thought the deadline was 30 days; it’s two years.

STATE FARM: Somebody leaked a State Farm memo to employees in which the PTBs encouraged agents to donate LGBTQ books for ages 5 and up about transgenderism and gender fluidity to schools and libraries. This news set off a flood of angry calls, threatening or actually canceling policies. After State Farm’s CEO heard from more than 2,000 irate agents, he severed the company’s partnership with The GenderCool Project.

GRAMMY NOTES: I love how my koi looks in their new (dark blue, not black) mat and frame. 🙂

CLICK to see a tiny dog save a baby. I don’t know anything else about this, but what’s in the clip. But gosh, it’s dusty in here!

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