Good Guys With Guns

CLICK [1:28] to hear about what Laurens County, Georgia, has done to keep their kids safe.

FAUXTUS has claimed numerous times that the Second Amendment was never “absolute,” but always included prohibitions of certain weapons as well as limits on who could own them. That’s not even close to true. There were no restrictions on gun ownership until the 1930s.

We have a background check and disclosure process to try and prevent unstable or dangerous people from owning firearms. Disqualifying conditions include criminal convictions, dishonorable discharge from the armed forces, mental disorders, and narcotics abuse.

When Hunter Biden filled out his application for a handgun in 2018, he did not reveal his history of drug abuse. He got the gun and he handled it so negligently that his then-girlfriend tried to dispose of it, because she was afraid of what he’d do with it.

Hunter has never been charged. And since his dad has never pressed for his son to face justice, we can conclude that when he says “we must do more”, he does not mean “we must vigorously enforce the gun laws we already have.”

Under Biden, the ATF has been using minor clerical errors as an excuse to drive firearm retailers out of business. Since Dems stole control, federal firearm license revocations for retailers have increased 500% over previous years.

CLICK [:16] to hear Rep. Cicilline claim that there has never been a single “assailant using an assault weapon who was stopped by a person with a gun.”

So far as I can recall, every damn shooter who didn’t kill himself first was taken down by a person with a gun, including the Uvalde school shooter. … Oh wait, the ones who shot themselves were taken down by a person with a gun too.

CLICK [5:28] to hear Rep. Massie debunk Cicilline’s absurdly wrong statement. At another point in the hearing, Cicilline told Matt Gaetz, “Spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights.”

Isn’t their entire argument about abortion based on how it’s supposedly a constitutional right?

CLICK to access a brief (315 cases) list of incidents from 2019-2021 where good people with guns stopped bad things from happening.

It’s pretty much impossible to accurately assess how many times a day a firearm was used to save a life. For one thing, the media is loathe to report on these “good guy with gun” stories. For another, a crime averted is often a crime unreported.

CLICK [1:02] to see Rep. Greg Steube explain why banning certain magazines would make millions of hand guns unusable.

Nadler gets his panties in a bunch about Steube handling guns; Steube points out that he’s at home on video and can do whatever he wants with his guns.

The NRA website has an article from October 27, 2019 by Michael D. Faw. It’s call “Truth About Good Guys With Guns” (link below). One interesting thing he notes is that rising numbers of gun sales has coincided with decreasing numbers of gun crimes.

Faw also reports that two studies, using different methodologies, estimated that guns are used in self-defense in America somewhere between 55,000 and 2.5 million times per year. “Even if the lowest number here (55,000) is the most-accurate, this would mean that Americans use guns to defend themselves at more than four times the homicide rate.”

The NRA website also has a regular feature called “The Armed Citizen” where stories about armed citizens stopping crimes are gathered. One example:

On Saturday, Feb. 5, a person in Snellville, Ga., called police to say they had found a person lying dead in the street. Investigating officials were able to determine that the person had been shot after allegedly initiating an assault on a person in a parked vehicle. According to reports, a man was sitting alone in his car in a parking lot when he was approached by the other man who was armed and began assaulting him. The individual sitting in the car was also armed, however, and was able to defend himself, shooting the attacker. As of press time, no charges had been filed in the investigation. Officers noted that Georgia is a stand-your-ground state and allows for the use of force, including deadly force, in self-defense. (, Monroe, Ga., 2/6/22)

CLICK [6:43] to hear the Republican gubernatorial candidate talk about his opinion that schools need single point entry and well-trained, armed security and teachers on staff. Good comment: “Airport level (plane side) security has worked well for many years to keep out would-be attackers from our terminals. A similar system/process would work well for our schools.” – Jack Bryant

On a personal note, what Zeldin says about no consequences for making fake accusation in New York is true. We saw this up close and in person when a teen we had taken in was accused of “stealing” a soda. The clerk hadn’t seen it on the crowded-with-POS-crap counter and neither noticed the amount was off by 89 cents.

The manager call us and the teen went down immediately to pay for soda, but it turned out she had a grudge against this teen for accidentally outing the manager’s adulterous affair to her husband! So the manager insisted on pressing charges. The paper we got clearly said the value of the “stolen” item was 89 cents. The cop apologized to us, but had to fill out and file the report.

So Dearest had to take time off work, Teen had to take time off school, and her public defender had to show up in court FOUR SEPARATE TIMES, because the prosecutor couldn’t be bothered to even show up to either pursue the charge or dismiss it. That manager also NEVER had to show up or suffer any consequences AT ALL for her petty, mean-spirited, and costly action. Finally, the judge threw the case out in disgust.


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