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1st AMENDMENT: The District of Columbia Court of Appeals unanimously dismissed a lawsuit against a pro-life sidewalk counselor for standing on a public sidewalk holding a sign raising awareness about abortion. The plaintiff will be liable for reimbursing the defendant’s attorney’s fees and costs.

2d AMENDMENT: Gov. DeWine has signed legislation to allow Ohio’s school districts to decide whether or not to allow teachers to be armed. Teachers in participating districts would require a minimum of 24 hours of training and eight hours of re-certification training annually.

BILL BARR: One more sell out to the global elite camp. May God have mercy on his soul.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [14:42] – At the beginning of September, 2021, the World Health Organizations Global Digital Health Passport design was released, funded by Bill Gates. A health passport and banking software all rolled up into one. IOW, the technology required to restrict buying and selling to only those who bear the Mark of the Beast is ready to go. Stay prayed up, folks. Resisting the Mark is going to take grace and lots of it.

FOOD: Yet another fire. [:50] – In the last six months, 97 food industry facilities and plants in the U.S. have been damaged or destroyed. NINETY-SEVEN! The list is at the link.

IDAHO: Planned Parenthood has closed its Boise clinic, the only one in the state that was doing surgical abortions.

MISSOURI: Gov. Parsons has signed a new law protecting doctors who prescribe hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for COVID-19 patients from punishment. I still don’t understand how this is even a thing. Didn’t Trump get us a “Right to Try” law? What happened to that?

NATURAL IMMUNITY: I have been very puzzled by the claim/possibility that some people get the ‘rona more than once. Studies of natural immunity have shown that recovering from the disease once imparts broad and persistent immunity. Have these ‘rona repeats really had something else, like flu, that the ‘rona tests are sensitive to? Or could it be that the vaxxx, which we know damages the immune system, actually weaken whatever natural immunity an infection should have imparted? Maybe it’s both.

RISE UP 4 ABORTION RIGHTS: This pro-abort activist group is calling on people to “wear green and raise hell” while proclaiming “Overturn Roe? Hell, no!” I dunno what wearing green has to do with killing unborn babies, not that some of them are wearing much of anything at their protests …

On Sunday, some of them stripped down to their undies during a talk by televangelist Joel Osteen. A nearly naked woman disrupted Mass at St. Veronica Catholic Church in Eastpointe, MI, while two of her comrades waved green and chanted abortion slogans. And I saw a news report at their website trumpeting their “courage” in stripping off their tops and charging the court at a pro-BB game.

They think it’s “brave” to disrupt religious and sporting events to get media attention for their “right to choose.” Yet it seems to enrage them when pro-lifers peacefully (and fully clothed) offer pregnant women choices other than abortion.

SADS: Healthy young people are dying in their sleep or suddenly dropping dead all around the world. They’re calling it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and just about the only thing they don’t seem to be considering is that it’s the vaxxx that’s causing it. Maybe that’s because killing people was part of the plan.

SCOTUS: The SCOTUS security bill has passed the House 396-27. All the nos were Democrats (see list above) who, apparently, want some pro-abort to murder one or more conservative justices so they can replace them with libtards who lurves baby killing.

VAXXX: Natural News just published a series of lab microscopy photos of bizarre structures embalmers are finding in the blood vessels of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome victims. Though these structures are referred to as “blood clots”, they clearly are not. The photo top left is a microscopy image of a genuine blood clot; when you’re zoomed in that far, the red blood cells are clearly visible. The other three photos are some of the many images of the structures that have killed SADS patients. There are more photos and info at the Natural News link below.

My grave concern is that every person who has been injected with mRNA instructions may be constructing these fibrous structures inside their bodies at this very minute, and that it’s only a matter of time before they block major arteries or cause heart attacks, strokes or other acute causes of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS). I believe these structures may very well explain why so many seemingly healthy adults are suddenly dying.” – Mike Adams


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    We’re winning but they thought themselves within inches of destroying us, the nazi left is shrieking mad. As God wills, so am I. The time in generations for the Lord’s patience is at an end, and we stop them now, or face an enemy who will destroy them and us.

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