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BABY FORMULA: Just days after the FDA finally agreed to let the Abbott baby formula factory in Sturgis, MI, get back to work, the plant was shut down again, this time due to flooding. They said there’s nothing sniffy about it; the whole area experienced flooding. But this being a baby formula plant, they will have to close to do repairs and re-sanitize everything.

BAD DAD: Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, Ashley (photo), left her diary under a mattress at a Palm Beach rehab home. In a January 2019 entry, she wrote, “I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).”

Ashley Biden is 41 years old and apparently isn’t sure whether or not a young girl showering with her dad is “appropriate.” Is it any wonder that she and her brother, Hunter, have both battled sex, drug and alcohol addictions since they were young?

Joe Biden’s college roomie reported that Joe once admitted that kids arouse him so much that, if he didn’t masturbate before he was around them, he couldn’t keep his hands off them. And we’ve all seen the photos and heard the stories of Joe’s groping, pawing, sniffing, and outright sexual assaults.

I have to wonder if Ashley abandoning her daddy-damning diary and Hunter abandoning his daddy-damning laptop weren’t subconscious cries for vengeance.

CANNIBALISM: It’s a truism that Leftists end up eating themselves. I remember reading about a leading liberal/progressive/whatever guy who tried to really help actual people after Hurricane Katrina. What he found was that the people who joined him were obsessed with their personal political agendas. One example I recall was a group of lesbians who literally taped off a section of the abandoned facility they were using as a headquarters and labeled the area a man-free zone.

If you’re interested in reading about how bad it’s gotten inside major Prog organizations over the past couple of years, click the link. Teaser: “So much energy has been devoted to the internal strife and internal bullshit that it’s had a real impact on the ability for groups to deliver. It’s been huge, particularly over the last year and a half or so, the ability for groups to focus on their mission, whether it’s reproductive justice, or jobs, or fighting climate change.”

CATHOLIC: For several months, Bishop McManus of the Diocese of Worcester, MA, tried and failed to get the Nativity School in Westover to remove their BLM and gay pride flags. The values of these two groups is inconsistent with Catholic teaching, so the bishop has published an official decree denying the school the right to call itself “Catholic.”

CATTLE DEATHS: I saw this on FB posted by Tera Barnhardt, DVM, MS. It was republished at the link below. – “We had a natural disaster in Southwest Kansas on June 11th, 2022 and in the days that followed that greatly affected cattle being fed for slaughter. It wasn’t a tornado or a flood or government conspiracy to dismantle our food supply. There’s no mysterious disease or theory, we know exactly what happened.

It’s called a heat index crisis. Prior to this day, our average high temperatures were very mild, the night temperatures were very cool, the wind was normal and we were receiving rain showers that we so desperately needed!

On June 11th, temperatures rose, humidity was high, and wind speed nearly ceased. This is an emergency for cattle. Cattle can not compensate for this type of weather event if they do not get a period of night cooling. For several days this continued. Our people did everything in their power to save as many animals as they could. Our people are amazing and tired and weary. We lost a lot of cattle and we are physically affected by each loss because we know first hand the resources and expertise that goes into raising safe, wholesome and delicious beef for our consumers.

This weather event geographically centered in Haskell County and Grant County Kansas. This is cattle feeding country. We are typically subject to a climate that is superior for raising cattle for slaughter.

There’s a video making rounds with misinformation and I’d like to take the time to connect with you as a feedlot veterinarian from Southwest Kansas, a consumer of the same beef you feed your families, and a person passionately working in production agriculture. If you have concerns or questions, I am happy to connect. I don’t have a video to go viral with because what happened is not entertaining to me, it’s my livelihood and it hurts to see my people dealing with so much loss.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: A 46-year-old man drove his car into a Trump store, narrowly missing the store clerk. The car bore a bumper sticker showing Trump’s face with “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” I’m thinking maybe it would’ve made more sense if it had had Pelosi’s face.

In other Leftist violence news … the California man who authorities say admitted to flying across the country to try to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been indicted on one count of “Attempt to Assassinate Justice of United States.” The punishment for the count, a violation of 18 U.S. Code Section 351(c), is a maximum of life in prison.

A group of U.S. senators wrote to AG Garland, asking his DOJ to start prosecuting people for protesting outside the homes of pro-life justices. A group of pro-life leaders also sent a letter to AG Garland, asking the DOJ to do something about the rising levels of threats and violence against pro-lifers.

Since Garland shouldn’t need to be asked, I’m not gonna hold my breath. I mean, come on, man! It’s not like the people vandalizing and firebombing Crisis Pregnancy Centers are as dangerous as all those angry parents who go to school board meetings to shout at their elected representatives, right?!

END TIMES PROPHECY: This isn’t specifically End Times prophecy, but I am including it here, because Satan’s power is going to increase exponentially and we will all need to understand spiritual warfare a lot better than we do now. [4:49] – In 2019, on the Feast of the Holy Rosary (October 7), Father Don Ambrogio Villa, an exorcist in Milan, forced a demon to reveal the power of the rosary. The demon said, “The rosary destroys me. … The one who [says] it is united to the life of Christ and to Mary. … I can’t stand [to hear it]. I also get annoyed when people hold it in their hands, even when they’re not praying it. I can’t stand it, but she loves this prayer. … I can’t go into the house [where someone prays the rosary]. I have not been given permission. The power of the holy rosary in the family crushes me. … If there is only one person [in a family] who prays it, he can save the others. … You should pray this prayer with the children. Teach them before I come to bother them, because afterwards, I steal their purity. … I want to destroy the family.”

FLORIDA: Florida schools are purging instructional materials that teach critical race theory, gender identity, or sexual orientation material. Florida is also the only state to refuse to pre-order doses of experimental COVID “vaccines” for young children. Apparently, every other state rushed to shovel more tax dollars into Big Pharma’s pockets the minute the FDA “emergency approved” the vaxxx for kids as young as 6 months. I’m really puzzled about what “emergency” we’re talking about … the one where little kids only get a mild case of ‘rona and then acquire natural immunity for life? Or the one where Big Pharma has gotten drunk on obscene profits and demands more, More, and MORE?

FRAUD: John Solomon reports that DHS and the Capitol Police were first warned about possible violence at the January 6th protests TWO WEEKS before the planned rallies. AND that both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser turned down requests to have thousands of National Guard troops provide extra security at the US Capitol that day.

In addition, the FBI refused to notify the Trump administration and his cabinet secretaries that they believed something bad could break out if there was a protest at the Capitol.

I think it’s extremely likely that anything and everything bad that happened at the Capitol on January 6 was planned and executed by anti-Trumpers.

GOOD DOG: Jason Maatman, 27, is a Dutch pedophile who openly advocates for the legalization of sex between adults and minors. After he was busted for possessing more than 10,000 images of children, he fled the Netherlands. Anti-trafficking groups tracked him down in Mexico and alerted the authorities. After Hidu sniffed out his hidden stashes of child porn, authorities in Mexico City arrested him. I’d never heard of electronics stiffing dogs before, but with criminals using flash drives to store everything from contacts to cryptocurrencies, they are now much in demand.

CLICK to see another Good Dog!

HYPOCRISY: I reported previously that the House voted 396-27 to approve extra security for SCOTUS justices, staff and families. Fox News now reports that 22 of the 27 Dems who voted no had voted in favor of extra security for themselves after the riot at the Capitol on January 6.

J6: Simone Gold, M.D., J.D., was among thousands swept into the Capitol building when the doors were opened from the inside, with law enforcement officers ushering people in. When an officer instructed her to move towards an exit, she complied. Shortly after when asked to leave the building, she did so.

For this heinous behavior, she has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, 12 months of supervised release, and $9,500 in fines. CNN noted that this was the largest fine imposed to date among the “rioters” who have been sentenced. Except there is no evidence she did anything destructive. Perhaps her real “crime” is having founded America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD), which has been a very vocal opponent of the draconian COVID-19 mandates and supporter of patients desiring alternative treatments.

In other Democrat hypocrisy, seven staffers from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” were arrested by authorities for being in a Capitol Hill building, unescorted, and without proper ID. The building was closed to the public at the time, and Capitol Police said they had asked the group to leave the grounds earlier in the day, which they clearly did not do. Despite the fact that they have been arrested for the exact same crime as the J6 defendants, I’m guessing they won’t be denied bail, held in solitary for 18 months, deprived of running water, yada yada yada. Cuz, you know, Stephen Colbert drools over Democrats and in what passes for justice in D.C., it is all about politics.

KICKBACKS: CLICK [2:47] to hear Rand Paul try and get Fauci to admit the people approving vaccines are getting kickbacks from Big Pharma.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Citing staffing problems and the looming SCOTUS decision, PP has closed four abortuaries in Vermont and another one in New Hampshire.

PROJECT VERITAS: [18:08] – Tucker Carlson updates us on the disturbing lengths the Biden FBI went to to get a hold of Ashley’s diary. See Bad Dad above.

GRAMMY NOTES: I used to teach RCIA classes to adults seeking to become Catholics. One of our students told us about going through the Creed with her Protestant mom. She said she explained “the community of saints” like this. “All believers still alive on Earth are little s saints; the ones who have died and gone to Heaven are middle s saints; and the ones the Church has canonized are Capital S Saints.”


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