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BIDENFLATION: A new I&I/TIPP poll asked 1,310 adults, “In general, how responsible are President Biden’s policies for causing the current inflation?

The numbers below are Responsible vs. Not Responsible.

Overall: 64% vs. 25%.
Democrats: 53% vs. 39%
Independents: 63% vs. 26%
Republicans: 88% vs. 8%

CHOOSE YOUR TOMORROW BUT START TODAY: Grab a tissue and go read this wonderful tribute to a good dad.

COVID-19: The White House’s COVID-19 response coordinator assured us it’s safe to jab the kiddies, because “there have not been any serious side effects of these vaccines.” Uhhhhhhh … I guess if you don’t count severe allergic reactions, blood clotting, heart inflammation, paralysis, or, you know, death as “serious”, then sure.

END TIMES PROPHECY: The video recounts a message that Luz de Maria says that St. Michael the Archangel gave her on June 12, 2022. The following is a brief summary: Surrender all your works and actions at all times to our King and Lord, Jesus Christ, in reparation for the offenses of humanity and for the salvation of souls. Unite in prayer so that the intensity of the great earthquake that will soon occur at the place where great tectonic plates converge will be diminished. Pray for Argentina, for Chile, for Central America, for the United States, for Japan, for Spain, for France.”

FAUXTUS: On Wednesday, CINO Joe issued an executive order giving the Department of Health and Human Services the lead role in ensuring that minors can undergo “gender transition” surgeries. The order pits the federal government against Republicans such as Florida Gov. DeSantis, who is seeking to ban Medicaid from funding transgender treatments.

You can’t get a tattoo if you’re 12 years old. When they say gender-affirming care, what they mean a lot of times is you are really — you’re castrating a young boy, you’re sterilizing a young girl, you’re doing mastectomies for these very young girls. For these young kids, 80 percent of the cases resolve themselves as they grow up. And so you’re doing things that are permanently altering them, and then they’re not gonna be able to reverse that,” DeSantis said.

J6: Adam Schiff says he has evidence … EVIDENCE, I tell ya … that Donald J. Trump was directly involved in a conspiracy to destroy the United States. Will Schiff show it to us? Well, no. But don’t let his endless, totally debunked lies about Russiagate bother you. THIS time, he swears he’s totes for real.

PRO-ABORT: Jane’s Revenge vandalized a Minnesota Crisis Pregnancy Center for the second time in two weeks.

And pro-abortion activists with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights gathered outside Justice Barrett’s home to dump baby dolls on the street, while wearing white pants dripping what I hope was fake blood out the crotches.

S&G: The road to Hell. Click the link if you’ve got the stomach for it.

TRUMP: CLICK [1:48] to hear Trump promise to never, ever ride a bicycle. LOL

VAXXX: A new study tracked the fertility of 37 men for five months after they got the Pfizer jab. The averaged results showed a 22% decrease in sperm concentration during the first three months with a return to pre-jab levels by five months.

WHITE MALES: Click to read one young man’s very sharp explanation for why young white males are increasingly identifying as politically conservative.

GRAMMY NOTES: I painted this a while back, but I just got it into a frame. It’s so cool how the frame and mat enhance the three dimensionality, making the flowers seem to come forward and the trees to recede further into the background.


CLICK for dog breed imitations.

CLICK to see revival in prison! Grab a tissue.

CLICK to see an AWESOME football catch!

CLICK for LOL. This reminded me of a girlfriend who had a heavy breather calling her, so she read the Bible to him and he never called again.

CLICK to see “drive anything but a car to school day.”

CLICK to learn what “zoomies” and “sploots” are.

CLICK to see how a chihuahua deals with bullies.

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