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BORDER: Video clip from Jun 17, 2022 speech Donald Trump at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee contains a short list of what we believe and why we can not compromise with the morally bankrupt left. [1:40] – CLICK to hear Mayorkas refuse to answer a simple question. “How much money do you need?

CATHOLIC: [1:02] – Sunday, June 19th was the Solemnity of The Body and Blood of Christ. Formerly known as the Feast of Corpus Christ, this is the special holy day when Catholics celebrate the Real Presence of Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the bread and wine of Holy Eucharist. It has been celebrated since 1264.

The homilies were supposed to be about the Eucharist. But the congregation at Old St. Patrick’s Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago did not hear any homily. Instead, they heard a “Gospel reflection” given by two homosexual men. And it wasn’t about the Eucharist, but about Pride Month and Father’s Day. The two speakers described as “miracles” their same-sex civil marriage and the adoption of two daughters, comparing those moments to the multiplication of the loaves and fishes in the Gospel reading.

Those men and the priest who set this up are facing some severe chastisement from Our Lord. Millstones come to mind.

EDUCATION: Thomas Sowell talks about one reason our schools are failing to educate. [4:48] – There has been a 9.4% decline in college enrollments since the spring of 2020, affecting private and public colleges, but not conservative religious colleges, many of which have seen record growth.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [3:23] – Gisella Cardia reports that, on June 7, 2022, Our Lady said to her, “My children, the war will continue and will take many countries. Pray for France and Italy; they will be those who will suffer many losses. Pray for America, because a good part of it will be erased. … Pray for those with closed hearts, that they may be saved during the Warning; the times are getting closer and closer. Pray, because even the worst of sinners could be saved before the King of Kings. Children, pay attention. Famine will spread quickly, as will other diseases to come. Children, never trade your soul for a piece of bread. Listen to my words. … Look at the climatic variations. From the strong heat, there will be strong cold. From the tornadoes, it will pass to the strong hail. Get used to the changes, because they will be many.”

HETERONORMATIVITY: Comments on Twitchy – “Do they realize that the word ‘heteronormativity’ is in and of itself a stereotype of the heterosexual community? Can we say that heterophobia is now a thing?

Most of the rainbow community don’t even agree with this, it makes them look bad, and they hate it.

Funny how they are as ‘mainstream as ever’ yet they never shut up about being oppressed and marginalized.”

JAPAN: A Japanese court has ruled that the country’s ban on homosexual marriage is constitutional. Japan is the only G7 country to resist legalizing same sex marriage.

MAINE: In a big win for religious rights, the Supreme Court voted 6–3 that a state tuition assistance program is unconstitutional. Fewer than half of Maine’s 260 school administrative units operate a public secondary school of their own, so the state provides tuition assistance for these students to attend private schools. The program even allows parents to use the money to send their kids to school in a foreign country. But it specifically excluded religious schools. The petitioners said the program violated the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. SCOTUS agreed.

NIGERIA: On Sunday, gunmen raided St. Moses Catholic Church and Maranatha Baptist Church, killing three Catholics and kidnapping more than 30 worshippers, most of them Baptists.

More Christians are killed for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country worldwide — at least 4,650 in 2021 and nearly 900 in the first three months of 2022 alone.

At the second link is a video, taken in mid-May, of approximately 50 kidnapped Christians that the Islamists are threatening to kill if they don’t get ransom money from somebody.

A priest told LifeSiteNews, “These things are happening every day, every week, every month, for years since the inception of this government of Muhammadu Buhari. In fact, he [Buhari] is the number one supporter, sponsor, and leader of Islamic terrorism as far as Nigeria is concerned.

S&G: The billionaire Pritzkers of Illinois are using their Hyatt Hotel bucks to try and erase God’s dimorphic definition of sex in favor of Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI).” The Pritzkers donate megabucks to hospitals that, surprise, surprise, offer “gender affirming” castration and mastectomy services. They also donate to educational efforts, from pre-K through college, to promote curricula that affirm their twisted gospel.

CLICK [3:37] to see what kind of filth these people have wrought. “Who gives a s*** if kids are involved.”

The Pritzkers are allied with transhumanists like Martine Rothblatt, creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and founder of a new religion called Terasem. Devotees look forward to a future where technology will extend their lives indefinitely. They say, “We are making God as we are implementing technology that is ever more all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful and beneficent. Geoethical nanotechnology will ultimately connect all consciousness and control the cosmos.”

I remember people spouting nonsense just like this. The Tower of Babel and the launching of the Titanic come to mind. “Pride goeth before the fall” and all that. Cuz God is really not amused by His children flipping the bird at Him.

VAXXX: The study linked below found that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines increased the risk of serious adverse events by more than they reduced the risk of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

WISCONSIN: All three Planned Parenthood facilities in Wisconsin have temporarily stopped scheduling abortions past June 25, in anticipation of Roe being overturned. Wisconsin has a law dating back to 1849 banning abortions that Governor Evers is trying to eliminate. If it remain in place, then preborn children will be protected in Wisconsin. However, Planned Parenthood is busy referring patients to abortion-friendly states nearby.

GRAMMY NOTES: A friend’s Golden passed recently. I did this from a photo he put on Facebook. I hope he likes it.

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