Masonic Infiltration of the Vatican

This is long, but very interesting. And if you are a devout Catholic who is disturbed, as I am, by so much in the RCC, please find the time.

Jun 21, 2022: Father Charles Murr, author of the book Murder in the 33rd Degree: The Gagnon Investigation into Vatican Freemasonry, lays out the compelling evidence of the Masonic infiltration in the Vatican that influenced the changes witnessed by the Church over the past century.

If you find the interview compelling, you might also want to read Father Murr’s book.


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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I wish I could find anything about her sacrilege amusing. Mostly I vacillate between anger at her continually sticking her finger in the eyes of every devout, pro-life Catholic and sadness over her eternal fate.