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CATHOLIC: Saint Paul Catholic Church in Lexington, KY, held a service to apologize for “the Church’s lack of respect, compassion, and sensitivity and for unjust discrimination” toward the sinful, sexual perversion community. What’s next … apologies to the adulterous and pedophilic communities?

CLIMATE: On June 30, the Supreme Court ruled … 6–3 AGAIN … that the Clean Air Act does NOT give the EPA widespread power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

Justice Roberts wrote that anything of “such magnitude and consequence rests with Congress itself, or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body.” – Justice Roberts

AOC had a different opinion. She tweeted about the decision: “Catastrophic. A filibuster carveout is not enough. We need to reform or do away with the whole thing, for the sake of the planet.”

DISNEY: CLICK [:27] to see a leaked scene from an upcoming Baymax series episode on Disney+. In it, a female wearing a trans flag shirt on her mastectomied self recommends a feminine hygiene product. Oh wait, can we say “feminine” hygiene anymore? Or has it become “bleeding person’s” hygiene?

Whichever … Holly Ash at Not the Bee makes a good point. “That’s overt symbolic evangelism. It’s not just joking about menstruation – it’s normalizing the idea that trans men are men and ‘men can have periods and babies too.’ Stack dozens of these small symbolic moments into shows and movies and you’ve shaped that child’s understanding.

END TIMES PROPHECY: Luz de Maria says that, on June 23, 2022, St. Michael the Archangel told her, “I must tell you that the coming events will occur one after another without respite. Earthquakes will be of greater intensity, causing the earth to lose its compact state and high mountains to collapse. … When you hear an unknown rumbling, do not leave your homes or places where you are; do not leave until you receive orders to move. If a strong and unknown glow appears, do not look at it. … Store food inside your homes.”

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:15] to hear young Joe call an attempt to end the filibuster a “fundamental power grab by majority party.” CLICK [:26] to hear him say we should over-ride the filibuster to get unlimited abortion rights codified into federal law.

GUNS: Brazil has the highest homicide rate in the world. So when Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro loosened gun restrictions in 2019, the Left predicted the murder rate could only get worse. Since the changes were made, the rate of gun ownership more than doubled … while the murder rate has fallen 34%. It is now at its lowest rate since1980.

HOMESCHOOL CLASSICS: “It shall be long-winded and self righteous. But if they didn’t want this particular performance then they shouldn’t have left toothpaste in the sink.” (I saw this on FB.)

J6: Just when you think the Dems’ persecution of J6 prisoners couldn’t get any worse … it does. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) just informed the wife of one of the incarcerated they suspending all of her husband’s benefits. Her husband has been held, without bail, without a trial, and without being convicted of any crime, for over 475 days. “This is what you have when vindictive leftists get in charge of major parts of the government.” – Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). I’m crying. Literally crying.

LIFE: Yes!! Real, identifiable babies will not die because of this ruling!

NANCY and FRANCIS: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received Holy Communion at a Mass with Pope Francis. May God have mercy on both of them.

ST. MICHAEL PRAYER: Exorcist Msgr. Stephen Rosetti says that the St. Michael prayer causes demons intense pain. I say it daily.

Msgr. Rossetti is the author of “Diary of an American Exorcist: Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil.” He also holds monthly on-line deliverance prayer sessions via YouTube. I attended the June session; it was intense and powerful.

SCOTUS: [13:04] – This is worth listening to … also maybe take notes, because these “talking points” (by which I mean Big Fat Lies) aren’t going to go away.

TWITTER: On the Left, hypocrisy, intolerance, doxxing, lying, and violence are all perfectly acceptable provided they advance The Cause (of the Antichrist).

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m 68. I have lived my entire life in Deep Blue New York and honestly can’t remember when the Bible was a definitive source one could point to for truth or morality. I tutored a high school student back in the early 90s. Her English teacher didn’t know that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a devout Christian and her history teacher thought the famous ceiling by Michelangelo was in the “Sixteen Chapels.”

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