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2A: On June 23, SCOTUS struck down New York’s “gimme a good reason why you need to conceal carry” law. One week later, Gov. Hochul signed a new version requiring those seeking conceal carry permits to prove they are of “good moral character.” It’s no longer enough to have a clean record. Now, some state appointed inspector will decide if you’re “good” enough to have a gun and this will be based on what exactly? Voting patterns? Tweets? Messages on your hats and t-shirts? Whether you fly the American flag outside your house? I can’t believe this will stand up to the Second Amendment, but challenging these damn things takes years and a lot of money. And in the meantime, they are enforced.

This statue is outside the CERN facility.

CERN:The world’s largest particle accelerator is set to restart on July 5 and operate at max capacity. There’s some weird stuff going on at that place!

EDUCATION: A Colorado teacher has been disciplined for not wearing a mask, being “too conservative”, and suggesting to a transgender student that the rise in transgenderism is a “trend” that some come to regret. Is he any good at teaching? Who knows, or in today’s screwed up world, cares?

CLICK [:32] to hear the Loudoun County School Superintendent’s EPIC Freudian slip. “So, we have a pretty robust indoctrination plan ready to go… inculturation plan ready to go.” Oh, you got it right the first time, pal. And we all heard it.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [5:53] – Gisella Cardia says that, on June 11th, 2022, Jesus told her, “This is the time of the Antichrist. … The dark night is coming. Those who will be with Me will be so forever. … Unless you abandon all that is of the world, you will never be able to enter My kingdom. Pray children, pray much. My betrayers in my Church continue to afflict me; they continue to do me harm. … I am your everything, your God. I am here. … Hold one another as one family in my Name. … Without Me, all will be lost. … Understand that I am here.

FAMILY VALUES: [1:15] – Why am I not surprised this started with the adult son getting into an altercation with a neighbor? ::smh::

MISSOURI: On Wednesday, Gov. Parson signed into law a requirement for voters to show photo ID before voting. It also bans the use of drop boxes to collect absentee ballots, mandates cybersecurity reviews, and prohibits private donations for elections unless it’s personal protective equipment, water, or food for election workers.

NEW YORK CITY: Mayor Adams has announced that COVID vaccines will be mandatory for students to attend school in the fall. This despite the facts that the CDC estimates 75% of children have already contracted the virus and the vaxxxes have serious, sometimes lethal side effects

NIGERIA: [1:54] – On June 22, 2022, more than 100 people witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Mother in the sky over a shrine dedicated to her. One of the witnesses was a Protestant pastor who was visiting a relative. Fr. Evaristus Bassey took the photos shown in the video. He says, “She didn’t say anything to anyone. But I think she came to assure us of God’s presence with us.”

NOKO: [1:24] – North Korea reported an outbreak of an unidentified intestinal epidemic in a farming region, putting further strain on the isolated country as it struggles to cope with chronic food shortages and a wave of COVID infections.

OHIO: On Thursday, the cafeteria and gym at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic school in Lorain sustained an estimated $1 million in fire damage. An arson investigation is underway.

SKYNET: Yeah, okay, so it’s not exactly Terminator, but it’s still kinda horrifically creepy that a half dozen autonomous robotaxis rolled themselves into a San Francisco intersection and stopped moving. They blocked traffic for a couple of hours until employees arrived and manually moved them.

TERRORISM: On Thursday, a crisis pregnancy center in Nashville, Tennessee, was attacked. Nashville police found a smashed window, and an unignited Molotov cocktail-type device inside. “Jane’s Revenge” had been written on the side of the building.

VFAUXTUS: Today’s math challenge is to count the number of times she’s says ‘work together’ in this :34 clips.

GRAMMY NOTES: CLICK to hear how “God designed words with the natural and supernatural power to alter your life in these 3 huge ways. First, your words can stop a thought. Secondly, your words can reprogram your brain, especially when they’re repeated. Third, your words can control behavior. There’s spiritual power with God’s words.”

I’m kinda laughing, because this is exactly how I use the Hail Mary – i.e., to stop negative thoughts by focusing my mind on something of God’s that is both true and beautiful. Protestants condemn this particular prayer as “vain repetition” or “babble like the pagans” (Matthew 6:7), which is weird since so many of their worship songs repeat the same phrases over and over. Also, the first half of the Hail Mary is a direct quotation of Luke 1:42, while the second half is merely a request that God’s mother pray for us.



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    The meme with Lincoln was 100%. Assassination of McKinley. KKK, nazism, antifa, alt-right, BLM. Open borders. Dominion. Covid. Now monkeypox. When dems hit the fan, they spatter over enverything.

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