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BORDER: The mounted Border Patrol agents who were falsely accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants in Del Rio have been cleared of wrong doing and are being punished with unpaid suspensions of up to 14 days. Tweet: “Demoralization is the goal.” Yeah, I agree. And from what I’ve read, it’s working.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [7:31] – Luz de Maria says that, on January 11, 2022, Michael the Archangel told her, “The fall of the world economy will quicken the pace of the Antichrist who dwells on Earth beside his subjects. … We protect you. We go before, behind, beside each one of you. Do not be afraid. This is a time of great miracles. With my sword held high, I bless you.”

EU: The resolution also calls for adding “everyone has the right to safe and legal abortion” into the charter of fundamental rights within the EU.

FAUXTUS: The latest flubs from the Drooler in Chief that would’ve had the Democrats demanding impeachment if Trump did them – CLICK [:04] (“When tens of millions of womens vote this year”) [:30] (reads stage prompt) [:04] (“in all 50 strates and district of columba”)

Also [:10] (“terminate the presidency”) when he repeats the likely bogus, unverified story about a 10-year-old’s pregnancy. I saw an equally sniffy tweet allegedly from an MD about how she had more women coming into the ER with signs of miscarriage that she supposedly isn’t allowed to treat because they might have had an abortion. Puh-leeze. That’s a stoopid as the “they won’t treat an ectopic pregnancy” line.

INFLATION: CLICK [:21] to hear FAUXTUS’ Spox explain what you’re just too stupid to understand about the economy. So WHAT if you can’t afford gas or groceries?! THE ECONOMY HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER.

PHILADELPHIA: The “City of Brotherly Love” is now the “Democrat Hell Hole of Senseless Crime.” [3:25] – On Friday, June 24, 2022, four Black males and three Black females who appear to be in the early to mid teens chased down and brutally beat a 72-year-old man who later died of his injuries. Then they calmly walked away. One of them apparently filmed the incident, maybe so they could all enjoy it again later. With popcorn.

The week before, somebody sprayed Alyssa Morales (36) with a flammable liquid, then set her on fire. She has burns on over 60 percent of her body and is in a medically induced coma.

Police haven’t yet found any of the assailants.

PROJECT VERITAS: [5:26] – This undercover video was taken at Cesare Santangelo’s late-term abortion facility, Surgi-Clinic, in Washington, D.C. It proves they do not use feticide to ensure fetal death, meaning babies are likely being born alive and killed in violation of federal law.

The video also shows the nurse telling the patient that the doctor will not talk to the patient unless she has taken Xanax first, something the patient said she doesn’t want to do as it would cloud her mind. Dr. C. Ben Mitchell, ethicist and former Graves Chair of Moral Philosophy at Union University, said this is an ethical violation. “The physician himself or herself is ultimately responsible to ensure informed consent. … Failure to do so is a dereliction of duty.”

Prolife activists recently found five late-term aborted babies being disposed of as medical waste from Surgi-Clinic. Some were deemed by medical experts to have likely been viable births. One, who had been between 28 and 30 weeks gestation, appeared to have been killed by the illegal partial-birth method. Two others appeared to have been born alive and then murdered.

TWITTER: ShutDownDC tweeted, “DC Service Industry Workers… If you see Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett or Roberts DM us with the details! We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message.

Another tweet on that account says, “No rights for us, no peace for you. Get fucked.” Twitter has not removed these tweets or suspended the account. And after their efforts led to Justice Kavanaugh leaving a restaurant through the rear on Wednesday night, ShutDownDC congratulated itself.

At a WH presser, Peter Doocy asked WH Spox Jean-Pierre, “So these Justices, because protesters do not agree with an opinion… have no right to privacy?” Jean-Pierre replied, “This is what a democracy is.

On Twitter, Pete Bootyjudge’s “husband”, Chasten, smirked about Kavanaugh being chased out of a restaurant, for which he got some well deserved smacks like: “What happens if MAGA types start showing up where ever you and Pete go? This continued escalation is a dangerous game, especially since Kavanaugh just had an assassination attempt on him. You don’t want the world you’re advocating for.”

WITH GOD IN RUSSIA: This classic memoir of an American-born Jesuit priest imprisoned for fifteen years in a Soviet gulag during the height of the Cold War has just been republished. While ministering in Eastern Europe during World War II, Polish-American priest Walter Ciszek, S.J., was arrested by the NKVD, the Russian secret police, shortly after the war ended. Accused of being an American spy and charged with “agitation with intent to subvert,” he was held in Moscow’s notorious Lubyanka prison for five years, then sentenced without trial to ten more years of hard labor in Siberia.

Enduring brutal conditions, Father Ciszek risked his life to offer spiritual guidance to fellow prisoners who could easily have exposed him for their own gains. He chronicles these experiences with grace, humility, and candor, from his secret work leading mass and hearing confessions within the prison grounds, to his participation in a major gulag uprising, to his release in a prisoner exchange in October 1963.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny is working on her Fine Arts badge with her American Heritage Girls troop.


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