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BIDENFLATION: Consumer prices rose 9.1% in the 12 months ending in June, hitting a worse-than-expected 40-year high.

CATHOLIC: On Tuesday morning, a fake Twitter account started a rumor that Pope Benedict XVI had passed away. It’s not true. Apparently, the same thing happened in 2018.

CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS: The Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan infiltrated one of those predatory, “bait and switch” places that don’t (gasp) perform or even refer pregnancy women for abortions! She reports that “The malicious woman who runs this clinic told me that it is ‘dedicated to acting as a support for women in times of crisis.’ Despicable.”

EDUCATION: A Florida school board cut off a dad’s microphone, saying that because the meetings are being broadcast, it is against the law for them to allow him to read pornographic excerpts from books that are in the public school libraries.

ELITE REALITY: This is a snapshot of what they want for the whole world. It’s basically the worst kind of feudalism writ large. – The Hamptons is an area on the east end of Long Island populated by mega wealthy celebs like Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel and Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They like their places to look good, inside and out, but they don’t like paying for it. So they hire illegals off the books and pay them too little to afford their own housing. Westhampton Beach resident Gina Webster, whose home is near woods that hide one of the encampments, said the situation was an open secret among residents. “It’s the Hamptons and we like to pretend real-life problems don’t exist here.”

MEDIA: In Sept 2021, Rasmussen did a survey in which estimates of COVID-19 death rates were correlated with respondents’ news sources. The correct answer is that, in the United States, those diagnosed with SARS-COV2 have a 1.6% mortality rate. (The mortality rate for influenza (flu) is 2%.)

Thirty percent or respondents chose the correct answer of “Less than 2%.” Of these, primary news sources were reported as:

  1. Newsmax (40%)
  2. No cable news (38%)
  3. Fox News (34%)
  4. MSNBC (24%)
  5. CNN (22%)
  6. OAN (21%)

Nearly half of Democrats say the cable news channel they most often watch is either CNN (24%) or MSNBC (23%). Among Republicans, the preferred choices are either Fox News (37%) or Newsmax (14%). Unsurprisingly, Democrats were twice as likely as Republicans to say the death rate is 500% of what it actually is.

Tellingly, “Americans who correctly estimate the COVID-19 mortality rate are more likely to believe public health officials are lying about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.” Imagine that!

MINNESOTA: A single judge has ruled that all legislative restrictions on abortion violate the state’s constitution, including the ones meant to protect women. These include a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before an abortion, a rule that both of a minor girl’s parents must be notified before an abortion, and requirements that only physicians perform abortion and that second and third trimester abortions be performed only in hospitals.

NYC: On July 12, 2022, NYC Emergency Management posted this PSA. [1:35] – There is a map at the last link showing the effects radius of a 300 kiloton nuclear airburst over southern Manhattan. The advice in the PSA – get inside and stay there until you’re told it’s safe to go out again – is the same as what the Blessed Mother told us through one of her End Times prophets.

PSA: [12:46] – This is worth watching.

STARBUCKS: This super woke corporation is closing 16 shops in major cities due to safety concerns. One guess which party runs those cities.

VAXXX: Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto has been barred from playing games in Toronto due to his vaccine status. He is standing by his decision to reject the shots, saying that he’s “not going to let Canada tell me what to put in my body.”

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