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CDC: One more reason to not trust anything they say about the ‘rona or the vaxxx.

COVID-19: Dr. Campbell shows evidence that natural immunity gained by recovering from Omicron is providing protection from the Ba.4 and Ba.5 variants that are now decimating the vaxxxed. [18:07] – Igor Chudov explains that those who got the jabs, especially those who also got boosted, are not only getting infected and re-infected, but also are dying from these variants.

FOOD SAFETY: Food scientists have found that people who wash chicken before cooking are more likely to promote food poisoning than those who do not wash it. Raw chicken is teeming with germs and you need to be sure it is thoroughly cooked before serving it. But it is the heat that kills the germs; washing just spreads them around your kitchen.

J6 CLOWN COMMITTEE: John Solomon’s article (link) covers Pelosi’s vindictive effort to blame the J6 violence on Trump. He includes “the most compelling piece of evidence that Trump wanted to thwart — rather than incite —violence” which the Democrats and their media lapdogs are carefully ignoring.

LANCET: This highly respected medical journal recently published a study showing that the immune function of individuals 8 months after the mRNA jabs is lower than the immune function of unvaxxxed individuals. The researchers recommended that, “as a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued.”

They also propose there may be “a possible risk of unknown organ damage caused by the vaccine that has remained hidden without apparent clinical presentations, mainly in the circulatory system.” The study concludes, “COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients.

PERVERSION: New York Times writer Alex Beggs published a piece entitled “A Taste for Cannibalism” in which he noted that countless recent pop culture sources seemed to be “normalizing” eating human flesh. Of course they are. Just like they’re busy normalizing pedophilia as “minor attraction,” are trying to legalize polygamy, and have already succeeded at normalizing homosexuality, public nudity, and child mutilation in the name of transgendering. If you don’t get it that Satan is in charge now, then you have not been paying attention.

THESOUL PUBLISHING: ANY engagement with a video drives up the algorithm, including dislikes and negative comments. The best thing to do with a bad video is to ignore it. [25:42] – Viewers beware. This Russian company exists for the sole purpose of making money from clickbait videos posted to YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. The ones I’ve seen debunked most often have been from “5 Minute Crafts”, but the company has hundreds of channels. According to Wikipedia, they employ more than 2,000 people who produce more than two thousand videos per month, each adapted to satisfy internet algorithims. Accuracy and honesty are not company policies. All they care about is how many clicks a video gets, because the advertisers pay by the click.

TRANS: The article linked here is excellent. It tells the story of how a Christian teen decided she was really a boy and what her parents did to cure her of it. Excerpt – “The gender identity conversation is really about the created order, and turning it upside down. If you can think right-side-up, then you know three things. …

First, God is the Creator, and we are the creatures. That means we don’t make our own identity—we receive it. Second, God did not split our souls and our bodies but knit us together as whole people. He doesn’t mash together male minds and female bodies, or vice versa. And third, God sets our sex into our whole bodies—maleness and femaleness are written into biology from chromosomes to hormones to anatomy including our sex organs and brains. For this reason, our physical bodies are our guide for gender. Our gender expression—being a brother or sister, wife or husband, father or mother—coincides with and arises from our physical bodies.”

UK: The LONDON & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q) fired Maureen Martin for voicing her belief in the traditional view of marriage in a leaflet during her campaign for mayor of Lewisham. Martin is an ordained minister. The Trust justified its actions, saying that while it respects “individuals’ freedom to hold particular religious or other beliefs“, it will “not tolerate it when these beliefs are manifested in a way that is derogatory or offensive to others.” In short, Christians can expect to be punished for preaching the Gospel.

VAXXX: Wayne Allyn Root says 33 of his nearest and dearest have either died or been injured, crippled, or disabled in the eight months since his wedding. Every one of them was vaxxxed. “Among my friends and family who are unvaccinated, not one of them has died or been sick since my wedding eight months ago.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please pray for Dearest. He is going in today for pre-op tests then, if all goes well, he’ll be getting a valve job next week. His valve problem is genetic; his mom and auntie had to have this done back when it meant open heart chest cracking. We are very grateful that his commitment to healthy living allowed us to put his off for more than 20 years since his first diagnosis, during which time, TAVR was developed and then perfected. The recovery from chest cracking takes months. TAVR recovery is counted in days.


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  1. Maureen Senzamici

    Beautiful reflection on the positive impact of Uncle Dave’s healthy lifestyle Aunt Chrissy. Thank you too for the information on washing raw chicken. I never considered that information. That quotation about being “governed by feelings” is so true. My parents have often said, “Emotions don’t have an IQ.” That is so true, I have often had very bizarre and irrational feelings so I would agree, while we can acknowledge our feelings, it’s not right to allow them to govern us.

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  2. Maureen

    This is fascinating and scary information about videos on YouTube and seemingly innocuous ones too, cooking and crafts, hardly “hot button” topics. My bother has been saying for years that it’s imperative to remember that “the news is an industry…look at the advertisements, examine what is driving the ratings.”

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