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J6 LIAR: I reported a while back about Cassidy Hutchinson’s b.s. testimony in which she made several explosive claims damning to Trump that were quickly disputed by people who, unlike Cassidy Hutchinson, had actually been present when said incidents occurred.

On Tuesday, Mollie Hemingway and Tristan Justice published the results of their research into Hutchinson’s Big Fat Lies. In short, prior to her testimony, she had expressed privately and often that she admired Trump and his presidency, knew very little about any wrongdoing from Jan. 6, lamented about how corrupt the clown committee is, called Cheney and Kinzinger “losers”, and complained that CNN was “warping everything.”

MATT GAETZ: Showing us how it’s done – Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) recently said, “Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb. These people are odious! They’re like 5’2″, 350 pounds and they’re like ‘give me my abortion.’”

The Left, which routinely calls Republican women ugly names, was outraged. A reporter asked Gaetz if he was suggesting “these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?” When Gaetz replied in the affirmative, the reporter asked, “What do you say to people who think those comments are offensive?”, Gaetz responded with a straight face, “Be offended.

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S&G: Earlier this month, footage of a drag queen attempting to entertain a toddler while parading around topless in the R House bar in Wynwood, Florida began circulating across the internet. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has investigated and served a lawsuit to the owners of the bar about hosting drag shows for children.

TRUMP’S VIRTUES: Tom Klingenstein, Chairman of the Claremont Institute, explains Trump’s Virtues and how he was born to fight today’s battle against Woke Communism. [17:59] – M.B. Mathews writes, “I recently wrote a column about why I believed Trump should not run in 2024. I was wrong. I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override his virtues, which are considerable. Some people want Trump without his vices. I was among them — until yesterday, when I watched and listened to Tom Klingenstein’s speech titled Trump’s virtues. It was masterful and shamed me that I did not make the distinction between Trump’s character and his virtues, the former being deeply flawed, the latter being almost perfect. I need to man up in my defense of the former President’s virtues. The speech was among the most pointed I have heard and deserves some exposure.

TUCKER: [16:11] – This is funny!

VAXXX: Seth Meyers has had to cancel his show for the rest of the week, because he has caught the ‘rona … for the second time in six months. But, he tweets, “the good news is, I feel fine (thanks vaccines and booster!)” No, Seth. You can thank the vaxxx and the booster for damaging your immune system so much that you got it for a second time. The unvaxxxed get it once and acquire lifetime immunity.

I recently saw a comment on a vaxxx story at The Epoch Times in which the unvaxxxed guy says he caught COVID-19 and it was a nothing much cold. So he’s over it and almost certainly will never get it again. But his mom, seeing how mild it was, is furious at all the pols and talking heads who made her so fearful that she got the jab.

GRAMMY NOTES: It was super hot, so Mama Bear let the kids spray each other with the hose while she supervised and washed dishes. 🙂


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