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CIVIL RIGHTS: In yet another sign (as if we needed one) of the demonization of Caucasians, a long-time college football coach has been forced out of his dream job for reading the N-word aloud off a Black player’s iPad. Note that Blacks throw this word around with impunity and it was on his iPad, which he was messing with when he was supposed to be paying attention. The coach got annoyed and, as a punishment, read the screen aloud. He says he’s super duper sorry and that he didn’t even realize what he was saying; he just read what was there. Tough noogies, white boy. You been canceled.

CONVERSION: [14:39] – This young woman’s testimony is worth your time. Really!

DESTROYING AMERICA: They’re almost done.

GOOD SON: Cancer treatments destroyed this lady’s ability to ever regrow her hair. So her son grew his out and had a wig made for her.

LATIN MASS: I’ve gotten interested in the Latin Mass, but the side-by-side translations bewilder me. I decided to just dip my toe in the water and do my own. There are loads of translation sites online! The Glory Be is similar, but I love the “and evermore and into ages and ages” part.

NEW YORK: My stupid state bail “reform” that eliminated bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, meaning that most criminals arrested for these crimes are freed without restrictions, usually within a few hours of their arrest. What a SHOCK (not) that just 10 NYC criminals have racked up 485 arrests. And, surprise surprise, one of those guys has racked up nearly 100 arrests in Manhattan, where the Soros-funded DA is soft on crime.

UK: [14:44] – Aussie Sky News reports the good news that a UK police force has announced it is scrapping its so-called hate crime awareness courses.

VAXXX: A recent Zogby survey of 1,038 American adults found that 15% of those who accepted the ‘rona jabs have since been diagnosed with a new medical condition. The most common ones were blood clots (21%), heart attack (19%), liver damage (18%), leg and lung clots (17%), and stroke (15%).

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama reports that Bootz asked her if she remembered the movie “with the old guy with glasses and has white hair on the sides? And the guy who’s says ‘40 S’ and everyone else tells him to sit down?” It took her a while, but she finally got enough detail from him to figure it out. She told him the guy was saying, “Vote Yes!” and Bootz agreed that made more sense. LOL

SHORTS: – Joni talks about Heaven – this is how legends are made – parenting wisdom – moving bees – Newsweek says this is true … who knew?!


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  1. red

    Well, we warned you. They have been doing this for generations, divide and conquer. We saw it in every history book. Liberals give an inch and while people in need hope for more, they steal a mile. Study what was done to mine, American Indians, blacks, to immigrants, and 99% of the time put a D behind the names of those lying, stealing, and murdering. I am constantly teaching people about the Constitution, why we have to have it, why it needs to be kept as if cut in stone. It’s there to protect the people from the government, and to protect the middle class and poor from abuses by wealthy. Teach kids that and they understand. Teach why the Founding fathers said we’re to own arms, to protect our families from the government and then other thieves. We’ve been worse, much worse. The main differences today is anti-God, antigun policies, and that you whites are the target, not mine or blacks or even immigrants. Remember always, predators and politicians, when they show you their teeth, they’re looking at prey. niio

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  2. A bit you might have missed:

    Now They Are Literally Bowing Down And Worshipping Baal Right In Front Of Our Eyes

    Just for fun:
    Grampaw foiled by gentle breeze

    A personal one:
    YouTube: Malinois escape artist!
    Older, stronger, and probably male version of our Daisy. Smart pups.

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