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COVID-19: A recent study published in Nature found that closing restaurants and bars did not decrease infection rates.

And a new analysis published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests that lockdowns are not only ineffective, but may end up killing as many as 20 times more people than they allegedly saved.

Even worse, the same government agencies that forced us into a global lockdown knew this. The graphic shows part of one example the study cites, a pandemic preparedness plan published by the WHO in Oct 2019.

END TIMES PROPHECY: A message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria on August 7, 2022 [11:52] – In part, it reads, “My children, the Gift of Life must be a constant act of gratitude to Me and therefore you must refuse to offend Me. … You must cooperate in the plan of salvation, which is that all My children be saved. … My people! Make haste! Come to My heart! … Humanity is burning with intolerance, with lack of love, and Satan is taking advantage. … The struggles now and hereafter will be for water, which will become scarce. … Be cautious. Pray. Prayer with the heart is necessary. … Do not fear. I am with you.

EXORCIST DIARY: This article is interesting and instructive. Excerpt – “An alert, experienced exorcist will recognize when a client is manifesting such demonic obsessions, i.e. demon brain, even if there are no physical manifestations. He knows that it does no good to try to reason with people in such a state. Only deliverance prayers are effective. Rather than argue with them, an exorcist will launch directly into the prayers.”

FLORIDA: Resource officers in every school in the Indian River County district will now be armed with an AR-15. “If they’re coming at us with an AR-15, we’re going to return with the same or greater firepower,” Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers said.

IRS: Between 2006-2019, the IRS spent $20 million on guns and ammo. In 2022, the agency spent around $725,000 on ammunition. CLICK [3:04] to hear Tucker’s report.

LGB DROP THE T: The “normal” Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual community is fed up with Trans activists.

MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS: An Arizona police officer brought the childhood favorite to life last month when he rescued a mama duck and her babies who had become stranded on a six lane highway.

SCAMMER PAYBACK: [20:52] – These guys do wonderful work.

TRUMP: On Tuesday, The Donald said the feds had returned his passports, items that did not appear on the inventory of materials the FBI confiscated. “When they Raided my home, Mar-a-Lago, 8 days ago, they just opened their arms and grabbed everything in sight, much as a common criminal would do. This shouldn’t happen in America!” The fibbies are claiming the passports were an accident. Uh-huh.

VAXXX: Germany’s largest medical insurance company reports that, in 2021, they logged 437,593 insurance claims for vaccine injury. Before the ‘rona bioweapon was inflicted on the world, that number was 13,777 (2020) and 15,044 (2019). The company insured 11 million people, which means that 1 in 23, or 4.3%, had a medical treatment billed for vaccine injury. The ‘rona vaxxx rate in Germany is 78%, so the rate of injury is likely more like 5%.

WYOMING: [3:14] – As expected and hoped for, Liz Cheney lost her primary bid by a lot – with 90% of the vote counted, she was behind 66%-29%. In her concession speech, she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and ignored the traditional endorsement of the Trump-endorsed winning candidate, Harriet Hageman, who will represent the GOP in November.


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  1. That picture of the nuns with their high-capacity assault rosaries was pretty scary. I feel triggered.

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  2. Open carry. Hahaha.
    New action series, Rosary Defenders.

    End-times prophecy. Raised here in the buckle of the fire-and-brimstone Biblical Fundamentalist Bible belt (although my little native church was not so), I’ve been hearing about the signs of the end times all my life. I watch these vids you post — usually, with some attention 🙂 — but I don’t know what to make of much of it. Can I pray more and better, especially to know and do our Father’s will? Sin less? Serve Father and fellowkind more? That’s the operative plan,* regardless of what’s coming. (*And regardless of how poorly I’m doing it.)

    So, this Spiritual Great Reset (haha?) — among all the other signs and wonders, they say there will be a sign in the sky that all can see, right? Well, I figure, for us it’ll probably be like every time we have a celestial event: meteor showers, an eclipse, a passing comet, guarantee we will miss it because it’s overcast! 😉

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Hardy har. Actually, it’s supposedly going to be Our Lord on the cross. And if you think He can’t manage a little cloud cover, pshaw … you need to reread that calming of the sea thing!

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