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BILLBOARD CHRIS: Masked thugs assaulted this guy and broke his arm for daring to wear a billboard declaring trans dogma to be false. Twitter put the photo behind a “potentially sensitive content” warning. They also put the warning on the x-ray of his arm! The only one that made any sense was the one they put on the actual assault. CLICK [1:04].

Also CLICK for less violence and more ha ha.

CATHOLIC: [2:42] – On May 6, 2016, Colonel Christoph Graf, Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, at the Vatican gave this address to new recruits about to be sworn in.

May 6, 2016 was the 100th anniversary of the original WWI Military issue rosary, which had been commissioned by the U.S. government and issued, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I and then, again, in WWII.

CLIMATE FRAUDSTER: Jane Lubchenco is deputy director for climate and environment at the FAUXTUS White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. As part of her duties, she co-chairs the White House’s Scientific Integrity Task Force.

The National Academy of Sciences has barred Ms. Scientific Integrity from involvement in NAS publications and activities for five years for having violated its code of conduct. Specifically, she edited and promoted a paper written by her brother-in-law, without disclosing his family relationship. And the article itself contained data that was known to be out of date at the time the article was written, and thus fraudulent.

She’s in great company. CLICK I’m guessing a lot of y’all remember this crap too.

CNN: Brian Stelter has been canned and his misnamed show “Reliable Sources” has been canceled.

  1. After documentary evidence proved Jussie faked his hate crime, Brian still held out hope that one day Jussie would be vindicated.
  2. Eager to please his new bosses in the FAUX administration, Bri politely asked incoming press spox Jen Psaki how “reporters” can do better.
  3. He once aired a calendar suggesting First Lady Melania Trump was missing … when she was actually recovering from kidney surgery.
  4. Always worried about fake news, BriBri warned that the popularity of Joe Rogan’s podcast was a major problem. CLICK [:37] to hear a wonderful Stelter mimic.
  5. During the Canadian truckers’ protests, Brian worried about the “fringe” freedom rhetoric of people who were being deprived of the right to travel or make a living because they didn’t want the vaxxx.
  6. During the pandemic, Stelter tweeted more concern about silly people practicing freedom. “If you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom of everybody, do you actually want to go to that party? Or are you going to decide to stay home?” — @brianstelter
  7. Stelter once wondered whether we could perhaps set up some kind of re-education camps for Trump voters.
  8. Stelter’s economic expert guest, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman, assured us we are not in a recession.
  9. Bri mocked conservative media outlets for reporting on leaked videos revealing Disney producers using kids programming to promote LGBT issues. Then he falsely claimed that red states are introducing bills that “limit the rights of LGBTQ Americans.
  10. When the FAUX administration was attempting to launch a Ministry of Truth, Stelter mocked the “right wing uproar” as “mostly a Fox World story.” To him, a DHS “Disinformation Governance Board” sounded “like common sense.”

FAUCI: CLICK unless you have something in your mouth you might gag on.

FBI: CLICK [2:20] and help me decide if we should laugh or cry. I mean, Barney Fife and Sgt. Schultz were funny, but that was television. What happens in real life when losers who got picked on all through school get handed guns and badges?

LIFE: In Latin, fetus [n.] means child, offspring, embryo, young while still in the womb, birth, bringing forth young. As an adjective, fertile, fruitful, teaming with life, pregnant, having recently given birth. Also this:

PERSECUTION: On July 26, Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda cut off the hands of a 42-year-old husband and father to punish him for converting from Islam to Christianity. They tied up his wife and forced her to watch.

SAM HARRIS: CLICK [2:20] to hear just how extreme the Left’s fear of Donald Trump is. Basically, he says that Trump is so evil that any story the media suppresses to damage him is justified. “I wouldn’t care if Hunter Biden had children’s bodies in his basement.

Wikipedia says Harris is an American philosopher, author, and podcast host. He is particularly known for his criticism of religion and “is known as one of the ‘Four Horsemen’ of New Atheism, along with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett.

VAXXX: Judicial Watch has obtained Moderna ‘rona vaxxx trial documents that show they found “statistically significant skeletal malformations in the offspring of the rats that took the mRNA-1273 (Spikevax mRNA) doses.” Moderna didn’t think they were important.

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency has obtained internal Pfizer documents that show 22 of the 50 pregnant women who participated in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial lost their babies. Pfizer and the Biden administration insisted that the vaccines were safe for pregnant women.

GRAMMY NOTES: When Mama Buzz was about four, she came to me so upset about something that she couldn’t stop crying long enough to tell me her problem. I touched her elbow, and silently spoke binding over any spirits that might be there aggravating her mood. She immediately stopped crying, kind of hiccuped, said “Okay, Mommy,” and went back to playing. I was astonished, to say the least!

SHORTS: – Mind boggling – This – Short and wise


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  1. GURK! Technology gone mad (again)


  2. red

    Something that I thought you might like from NASA against global warming!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I remember learning about the Earth’s built-in thermostat. I pity the poor sheeple suffering nightmares, especially all the kids Al Gore’s evil movie traumatized.

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      • red

        Gore’s docudrama is very popular with terrorists, who teach children to see how ‘evil’ the Christians are. Earth renews and it goes on because it’s made to be self-renewing by the Master Builder.

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  3. freedom1781

    The binding prayer story reminds me of something similar that happened to my daughter. Years ago when hubby was in the hospital, we’d go visit him every day. The hospital was far away so we’d have to call him to see if he wanted visitors. One night he was in such pain that he didn’t want to see us. This was devastating news to our then nine-year-old daughter. It takes a lot to make her cry, but when her daddy told her that she couldn’t see him, she cried so much that she could barely breathe. Nothing I did to try to comfort her worked, so I said a quick prayer. As soon as I said amen, a ladybug landed on her hand and she immediately stopped crying and was so relaxed. It’s been eight years and we still talk about that ladybug!

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