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BUILD BACK WORSE: The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that between 78% and 90% of the estimated additional $200 billion the IRS will collect will come from small businesses making less than $200,000 annually. Just 4% to 9% will come from businesses making north of $500,000 a year. But, but, but … that can’t be!! FAUXTUS promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000!

CATHOLIC: [2:20] – Here’s the secret to skipping Purgatory and going straight to Heaven.

EV: Build Back Worse includes federal EV tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles made in North America, which excludes many of them. Plus, Ford just announced they are raising the price of their electric F-150 Lightning pickups by between $6,000 and $8,500, which pretty much wipes out the tax credit.

EXTREMISTS: The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is airing an ad calling parents who care what they’re kids are being taught “extremists.” The add shows parents protesting at school board meetings over books included in school curricula that contain explicit sexual and LGBTQ content.

If protecting our children from Phil Murphy’s insane sex ed standards is ‘extreme,’ then we wear this as a badge of honor, @NJEA” – The New Jersey Republican Party

Hey, @NJEA. Concerned parents who show up at school board meetings are not ‘extremists.’ THEY’RE PARENTS!” – State Assembly Republican Caucus

It’s another example of the NJEA being out of touch with parents and totally tone deaf to their concerns.” – Republican State Senator Ed Durr

GUMMINT WASTE: A July GAO report says the Department of Education originally estimated that federal direct student loans would generate billions in income for the federal government. The reality is that they have so far cost taxpayers $197 billion.

J6: This subject upsets me so much that I can rarely read anything about it. This article has some good news.

JOBS: A nonprofit that tracks the number of jobs companies are bringing back to the U.S. says we are on pace to reshore nearly 350,000 jobs this year. This will be the highest number on record since the Reshoring Initiative started tracking the data in 2010. Most of them are coming back from China, Mexico and Canada.

RUSSIA: Daria Dugina, 29, was killed in a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow on Saturday night. The TV commentator was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an influential Russian political theorist who is often referred to as “Putin’s brain.” Dugin supports the restoration of Russia’s power, the unity of all ethnic Russians throughout the world, and the war in Ukraine.

SCAMMER PAYBACK: Language warning … scammers have terrible potty mouths. [23:19] – The first ever anti-scammer call center … watch them interrupt active scam calls and save people from being victimized. If you get a call that genuinely concerns you, do not call the number they give you. Look up the company’s legit phone number, verify that your account is (almost certainly) fine, then report the scam to their fraud department. You can also email the phone number the scammers gave you to call to Pierogi will use the information to help take down their operations.

TERROR: Hayden was one of the 51 members of the intelligence community who signed a letter saying that the New York Post’s 2020 story about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop — which has since been verified — was “Russian disinformation.” None of them have apologized for lying to the American people in an effort to thwart the re-election of Donald Trump.

Journalist Matt Taibbi responded to Hayden’s tweet, “So ‘today’s Republicans’ are more dangerous than ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc? Given that you used drones to assassinate members of the latter groups, do you think that’s indicated here?

Former Green Beret and now Virginia state delegate Nick Freitas responded, “Really General? Worse than the Taliban? Worse than Al Qaeda? Please explain. Specifically to those of us who were sent all over the world to fight these groups based on intelligence your agency provided. You owe us at least that much you arrogant ass.

I’d like to know how many heads have we Republicans cut off our enemies? How many bombs have we detonated? How many cities have we gutted with uncontrolled rioting? How many small businesses have we destroyed with excessive taxes and regulations and mandates?

TRANS: Laura chose to become Jake, but discovered she was still miserable. She’s Laura again now and talks openly about her experiences and regrets.

VAXXX: The New York Slime is bemoaning the fact that, as of early August, only 5% of eligible children under 5 had received a ‘rona jab. Me, I’m cheering!

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