Get Yourselves Prayed Up, Part 3

The important Jewish liturgical season of “Return and Repentance” begins at sundown on the evening before Elul 1 (Sat., Aug. 27, 2022) and lasts forty days, until sundown on Tishri 10 (Wed., Oct. 5, 2022), which is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

The Jewish month of Elul is known as both the “Month of Mercy” and the “Month of Forgiveness.” It is when the faithful are called to meditate on their lives and prepare for repentance on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).

If you have read my blog, “Get yourselves prayed up, people!” @, you will know why I think this period of “Return and Repentance” could very well be when the Sixth Seal (Rev. 6:12-17) and Seventh Seal (Rev. 8:1) will be opened.

Tradition teaches that, following the Golden Calf incident, Moses spent the 40 day period between Elul 1 and Yom Kippur back up on the mountain, praying for God’s forgiveness. When he returned, he had the second set of tablets to replace the ones he had broken in his rage over the idolatry of the Hebrews. This is seen as a testimony to God’s willingness and desire to forgive those who repent.

The End Times seers have told us that, after The Warning, there will be a period of peace during which demons will not be allowed to act. I’m thinking maybe … just maybe! (not setting dates/times) … it will be silent in Heaven for a half hour (more or less) because everybody will be on Earth helping converts and reverts to put down strong roots in good soil before the Anti-Christ is loosed. It could be … could! (not setting dates/times) … be that “about half an hour” is a symbolic number for “about thirty days.” Elul is 29 days long.

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