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CANADA: Euthanasia is now the sixth leading cause of death in what was once a very nice nation. I guess that’s what you get when you nationalize health care and then put a Global Elitist working for the Antichrist in charge.

One guy who had nothing wrong with him but hearing loss and depression was rushed along to his final reward by the eager beavers running Canada’s MAID program (Medically Assisted Aid in Dying). Another guy reports that he never brought up assisted suicide, but that the hospital staff repeatedly told him how much his stay was costing taxpayers and that the hospital “ethicist” tried to badger him into it.

COVID-19: Children, particularly very young ones, are at virtually ZERO risk from the ‘rona. They get a MILD case, then acquire (probably lifelong) natural immunity. So why are Democrats still mandating this?! CLICK

In Los Angeles, “the County Department of Public Health is trying to get a lawsuit by a group of parents dismissed before it has a chance to get to the discovery phase, the legal process that enables attorneys to demand documents and sworn depositions.” Oh yes, by all means, let’s not produce any evidence for why we’re forcing toddlers to cover their faces.

DOGGY COMMUNICATION: I can’t get over how these pooches are able to use their buttons. CLICK (I am sad because I want my pool and it’s not set up). CLICK (I want more turkey!). CLICK (Worried about construction worker). CLICK (I only have three buttons and haven’t quite figured out what they’re for! LOL)

DRAG SHOW: Texans for Beto [15:46] – Supposedly “kid friendly” … but featured heavily armed Antifa wearing black bloc and carrying pride flags, plus men scantily dressed in women’s clothes waggling their butts in people’s faces. Yeah. No.

EV: I was surprised to see Soros-funded Snopes tag this TRUE: “This estimate was for 2012 Chevy Volt, a discontinued line of vehicles.” Of course, they then make the case that it is such an OLD car, what should they expect?! And supposedly newer EV batteries don’t cost that much. Yeah, kinda, not really.

Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Costs in 2022: A Detailed Analysis” (link below) says to expect the battery to deteriorate after 100K and need replacing. Prices will range from $3,400 to $35,000, depending on age and quality of the replacement battery.

Isn’t it interesting that parts for a ten year old EV are insanely expensive? We’ve rarely ever owned a car newer than that. When it has needed something that isn’t being manufactured any more, our mechanic calls the salvage yards. As for 100K, what the wut? We’ve got friends who lovingly maintained and drove their gas vehicles into the 200K range. I know a lady who had the same VW bug for 18 YEARS before her mechanic said he just could NOT fix it again. She just about passed out with sticker shock when she went car shopping!

FAUXTUS: [25:56] – Real Clear Politics average of Trump vs. Biden polls has Biden 43.5% vs. Trump 44.3%. So when Biden calls Trump and his supporters “a clear and present danger to our democracy”, he’s talking about nearly half the country. He did get one thing right. “Politics can be mean and nasty.”

Jim Hoft called it “the speech of a raging tyrant.” Stephen Miller wrote, “President Biden tonight gave the speech of a dictator, in the style of a dictator, in the visual of a dictator, using the words of a dictator. This was his enemies of the state speech. And like every other radical, Marxist, tyrant, he accused his opponents of being fascist while he engages in oppressive authoritarian behavior.”

Clearly, the Dems have put out the word and their lapdogs in the media are responding. Salon called us “America’s Heart of Darkness.” Medium called us “Communists and Pedophiles.” USA Today called Biden’s speech “tough love.” NPR moaned that “election deniers are closer to controlling elections in key places.” Not that Americans give a crap what the media says anymore.

  1. Rasmussen has Biden’s presidential at +8 Disapproval (Approve 45% vs. Disapprove 53%).
  2. Economist/YouGove has it at +8 Disapproval (Approve 43% vs. Disapprove 51%).
  3. The Wall Street Journal has it at +9 Disapproval (Approve 45% vs. Disapprove 54%).
  4. Quinnipiac has it at +12 Disapproval (Approve 41% vs. Disapprove 53%).
  5. Politico/Morning Consult has it at +12 Disapprove (Approve 43% vs. Disapprove 55%)
  6. Reuters/Ipsos has it at +20 Disapprove (Approve 38% vs. Disapprove 58%).

RUSSIA: CLICK [1:45] – Gee, Vlad. Tell us how you really feel.

TRANS: CLICK [9:43] to hear a tragic story. – I can’t help but wonder how much of the parents’ drive to shove their son into puberty blockers and surgery was motivated by, “Oooh, let’s do something really ‘out there’ and get our own reality show!!” If only the whole trans-for-minors thing had started AND ended with Jazz. I googled Jazz Jennings (screenshot); is it my imagination or do her eyes look kind of dead in a lot of these, especially when she’s smiling?

GRAMMY NOTES: I got this in my email from a fellow prayer warrior – “The enemy amplifies your fears. He makes a big deal out of your weaknesses. He exaggerates your troubles. And He lies about your worth. Enough with him, already! Oh, magnify the Lord with me! Let us exalt His Name together! He is greater than our fears and stronger than our enemy. He is mighty to save and brilliant in power. He’s a chain breaker and a dream maker! Turn a deaf ear to the enemy. Refuse to rehearse his threats. Lift up your eyes to Jesus this day. He’s a miracle-working God, and He has no rival. You’re secure in Him. 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT ~ For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind

SHORTS for LOLZ: Yeah, I know. LOTS of shorts today. I kinda vegged out and couldn’t stop watching them!





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  1. red

    Light up shoes? Not boss, her owner, the grand prince overlord. I know because I have the scars to prove it! 🙂
    Been saying for years, antifa is the dnc brownshirts, and like the brownshirts, they’re a violent gay organization.

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  2. You put up a pic of the mosaic in the main dome of the National Shrine in Washington DC! The one ZMalfoy (from HoneyTrail, ConservativeTreehouse and that predecessor Chicagoan Boystown site, etc.) called “Smackdown Jesus”. I love it! She graciously gave us a tour of the shrine back around 2005 when we were in town. Her name is Christine, also, and our sons still talk about her. Thanks for the images!

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